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End Game


Server Information

Additional Information

  • Experience Rate - 1x.
  • Fame Rate - 1x.
  • Crafting Skillup Rate - 1x.
  • Movement Speed - 40. (Base retail run speed circa 2007.)
  • Level Sync - Enabled.
  • Experience Rings - Enabled, set to 2007 values.
  • HP Warping and Explorer Moogles - Disabled.
  • Notes - List of Eden Custom Changes

What Works

  • Complete Zilart and COP.
  • PSC and PFC Assaults
  • Treasures missions through Legacy of the Lost
  • Fully tuned base monster stats, 2007 PDIF calcs and audited weaponskills, working magic hit rate
  • All base and Aht Uhrgan jobs

What Will Eventually Work

  • Salvage
  • Nyzul Isle
  • Einherjar
  • Ouryu/Bahamut
  • ZNMs
  • Mythic weapon obtainment
  • Full Treasures missions
  • Full assaults
  • Essentially, everything in the game up to Treasures completion has eventual plans of completion, though devs don't have a structured project plan due to the volunteer nature of working on Eden.

Server Rules

  • Currently can be found on our Discord under the #eden-rules channel.