Start NPC:   Chululu - Lower Jeuno I-8
  Jeuno Reputation 2
  Items Needed:   Tarut: Death
  Tarut: Hermit
  Tarut: King
  Tarut: Fool
  Title:   Card Collector
  Repeatable:   No.
  Reward:   Ability to have your compatibility fortune read.

  Previous Quest:   None.
  Next Quest:   Rubbish Day


  • Chululu will give you 5 tarot cards - all of the same type.
  • Find other players who have gotten the quest and trade with them until you have four different cards (Death, Hermit, King, Fool).
  • Trade the four different cards to Chululu to complete the quest.

Game Description

Client: Chululu (Fortunetellers, Lower Jeuno)

You must gather one of each kind of Tarut card before your fortune can be told.


You must enter the "password" (name) as a capital letter in order for Chululu to accept it for the quest to work. (Aryea of Cerberus)
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