Aliases: /sea
Usage: /search <subcommand1> <subcommand2> <subcommand3>...

Peforms a search for members fitting a certain criteria.

home Search for players in your current area.
all Search for all players from all areas.
inv/invite Search for players with invite or autogroup status on.
away Search for players whose online status is Away.
friend Search for players on your friend list.
linkshell Search for players within your current linkshell.
ballista Search for players who are currently engaged in ballista.
<name> Search for players with a particular name.
<race>/<race_abbr> Search for players of a particular race.
rank <num1>-<num2> Search for players within that particular rank range.
<job>/<job_abbr> Search for players with that particular main job.
<lvl_low>-<lvl_hi> Search for players within that particular level range.
<nation>/<nation_abbr> Search for players who are of that particular nation.
region Search for players within your current region.
<area>/<area_abbr> Search for players who are in that particular area.
See Below for Abbreviations.
-name Orders the search results in reverse alphabetical order.
Does not work when "friend" is a parameter.
* Search for players currently in a party.

Performs a search of all players your current
area when no subcommand is specified.

Example: /search all inv whm hume 50-55 rank 2 windurst

/sea "white mage" all 50-55 win inv rank 2 hum

Would search for all Hume White Mages that are seeking for party
which are between level 50 and 55 and are Rank 2 from Windurst.
Both expressions produce the same results.


  • Level and rank ranges can either be done singular or for a range of numbers, eg. /search all rank 2, /search all invite 10-15.
  • Searching for a particular name will also display characters whose name begins with your query.
  • Search subcommands for races, job, or nation may be made using the abbreviated form.
Area names may be abbreviated with the shortname of a zone. A partial list is given below.
  • You may only perform area-specific searches in areas where your character has previously visited.
You may do a region-specific search which include players from areas you have not visited.
  • Performing searches for battlefield and instanced zones from outside of those zones does not work.Verification Needed
  • After performing a search, it is possible to refine the search results by selecting "more..." (the first line of the Search Results dialog). This process must be done through the menus.
  • Searches that return a large amount results will have their search results truncated. The exact number shown (versus truncated) will be displayed in your log. It is not possible to display the truncated hits directly; instead you can refine your search further using the above method or start a new one.
  • The colour of a character's name indicates their party status: yellow indicates they are a party or alliance leader; blue indicates they are a member of a party; grey indicates they are not a member of a party.

Please refer to areas for the below list as it is currently broken. The new list is unfortunately for now a work in progress.

Area Abbreviation List (Crossed out areas cannot be searched)

The Republic of Bastok

Bastok Markets   BastokMark
Bastok Mines   BastokMine
Metalworks   Metalworks
Port Bastok   PortBastok

The Kingdom of San d'Oria

Chateau d'Oraguille   ChatdOrag
Northern San d'Oria   NSandOria
Port San d'Oria   PSandOria
Southern San d'Oria   SSandOria

Synthesis Recipes

Used in Recipes

Desynthesis Recipe

Obtained From Desynthesis

The Federation of Windurst

Heavens Tower   HeavenTowr
Port Windurst   PortWind
Windurst Walls   WindWalls
Windurst Waters   WindWaters
Windurst Woods   WindWoods

The Grand Duchy of Jeuno

Port Jeuno   PortJeuno
Lower Jeuno   LowJeuno
Upper Jeuno   UpJeuno
Ru'Lude Gardens   RuLudeGard

Minor Cities

Selbina   Selbina
Mhaura   Mhaura
Tavnazian Safehold   TavSafehld

Outland Cities

Kazham   Kazham
Norg   Norg
Rabao   Rabao


Altar Room   AltarRoom
Attohwa Chasm   AttohwaCsm
Boneyard Gully   BoneyardGl
Castle Oztroja   Oztroja
Garlaige Citadel   Garlaige
Meriphataud Mountains   Meriphataud
Sauromugue Champaign   Sauromugue


Beadeaux   Beadeaux
Crawlers' Nest   CrawlNest
Pashhow Marshlands   Pashhow
Qulun Dome   QulunDome
Rolanberry Fields   Rolanberry

Elshimo Lowlands

Kazham   Kazham
Norg   Norg
Sea Serpent Grotto   SeaGrotto
Yuhtunga Jungle   YuhtunJng

Elshimo Uplands

Cloister of Flames   ClstFlame
Cloister of Tides   ClstTides
Den of Rancor   RancorDen
Ifrit's Cauldron   IfritCldrn
Sacrificial Chamber   SacriChamb
Temple of Uggalepih   Uggalepih
Yhoator Jungle   YhoatorJng


Beaucedine Glacier   Beaucedine
Cloister of Frost   ClstFrost
Fei'Yin   FeiYin
Pso'Xja   PsoXja
Qu'Bia Arena   QuBiaArena
Ranguemont Pass   Ranguemont
The Shrouded Maw   TheShroudMaw


Dangruf Wadi   Dangruf
Korroloka Tunnel   Korroloka
North Gustaberg   NGustaberg
Palborough Mines   Palborough
South Gustaberg   SGustaberg
Waughroon Shrine   Waughroon
Zeruhn Mines   Zeruhn


Bibiki Bay   BibikiBay
Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle   BibikiBay
Buburimu Peninsula   Buburimu
Labyrinth of Onzozo   Onzozo
Manaclipper   Manaclipper
Maze of Shakhrami   Shakhrami
Mhaura   Mhaura
Tahrongi Canyon   Tahrongi


Cloister of Tremors   ClstTremor
Eastern Altepa Desert   EastAltepa
Chamber of Oracles   OracleChmb
Quicksand Caves   Quicksands
Rabao   Rabao
Western Altepa Desert   WestAltepa


The Boyahda Tree   Boyahda
Cloister of Storms   ClstStorms
Dragon's Aery   DragonAery
Hall of the Gods   HallOfGods
Ro'Maeve   RoMaeve
The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah   ZiTah


Al'Taieu   AlTaieu
The Garden of Ru'Hmet   RuHmet
Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi   HuXzoi
Empyreal Paradox   EmParadox


Mine Shaft #2716   Mine2716
Newton Movalpolos   NewMoval
Oldton Movalpolos   OldMoval


Batallia Downs   Batallia
Carpenters' Landing   CpntLanding
Davoi   Davoi
The Eldieme Necropolis   Eldieme
Jugner Forest   Jugner
Monastic Cavern   MonastiCav
Phanauet Channel   PhanauetCh


Behemoth's Dominion   BehemotDom
Lower Delkfutt's Tower   LowDelkfut
Middle Delkfutt's Tower   MidDelkfut
Qufim Island   Qufim
Stellar Fulcrum   StlrFulcrm
Upper Delkfutt's Tower   UpDelkfut


Bostaunieux Oubliette   Bostaunieu
East Ronfaure   ERonfaure
Fort Ghelsba   FtGhelsba
Ghelsba Outpost   GhelsbaOp
Horlais Peak   HorlaisPk
King Ranperre's Tomb   RanpsTomb
West Ronfaure   WRonfaure
Yughott Grotto   Yughott

Tavnazian Archipelago

Lufaise Meadows   LufaiseMds
Misareaux Coast   Misareaux
Monarch Linn   MonarchLinn
Phomiuna Aqueducts   PhomiunaAq
Riverne - Site #A01   RiverneA01
Riverne - Site #B01   RiverneB01
Sacrarium   Sacrarium
Sealion's Den   SealionDen
Tavnazian Safehold   TavSafehold


Celestial Nexus   CelesNexus
La'Loff Amphitheater   LaLoff
Ru'Aun Gardens   RuAunGard
Shrine of Ru'Avitau   RuAvitau
Ve'Lugannon Palace   VeLugannon


Balga's Dais   BalgasDias
East Sarutabaruta   ESartaBarta
Full Moon Fountain   FullMoonFn
Giddeus   Giddeus
Inner Horutoto Ruins   InHorutoto
Outer Horutoto Ruins   OutHorutot
Toraimarai Canal   Toraimarai
West Sarutabaruta   WSartaBarta


Bearclaw Pinnacle   BearclawPn
Castle Zvahl Baileys   ZvahlBails
Castle Zvahl Keep   ZvahlKeep
Throne Room   ThroneRoom
Uleguerand Range   Uleguerand
Xarcabard   Xarcabard


Cape Teriggan   Teriggan
Cloister of Gales   ClstGales
Gustav Tunnel   Gustav
Kuftal Tunnel   Kuftal
Valley of Sorrows   SorrowVall


Gusgen Mines   Gusgen
Konschtat Highlands   Konschtat
La Theine Plateau   LaTheine
Ordelle's Caves   Ordelles
Selbina   Selbina
Valkurm Dunes   Valkurm

The Empire of Aht Urhgan

Aht Urhgan Whitegate   Whitegate
Al Zahbi   AlZahbi
Nashmau   Nashmau

Arrapago Islands

Arrapago Reef   ArrpgoReef
Caedarva Mire   Caedarva
Hazhalm Testing Grounds   Hazhalm
Ilrusi Atoll   Caedarva
Leujaoam Sanctum   Leujoam
Nashmau   Nashmau
Periqia   Periqia
Talacca Cove   Talacca
The Ashu Talif   AshuTalif

Halvung Territory

Halvung   Halvung
Lebros Cavern   Lebros
Mount Zhayolm   MtZhayolm
Navukgo Execution Chamber   Navukgo

Mamool Ja Savagelands

Aydeewa Subterrane   Aydeewa
Jade Sepulcher   JadeSepul
Mamook   Mamook
Mamool Ja Training Grounds   MamoolTrGr
Wajaom Woodlands   Wajaom

Ruins of Alzadaal

Alzadaal Undersea Ruins   AlzaUndrsea
Nyzul Isle   Nyzul
Silver Sea Remnants   SilvSeaRem
Arrapago Remnants   ArrpgoRem
Bhaflau Remnants   BhaflauRem
Zhayolm Remnants   ZhaylmRem

West Aht Urhgan

Aht Urhgan Whitegate   Whitegate
Al Zahbi   AlZahbi
Bhaflau Thickets   BhafThicket
The Colosseum   Colosseum


Hall of Transference, Dem   HallofTrns Promyvion - Dem   PromvDem Spire of Dem   SpireDem
Hall of Transference, Holla   HallofTrns Promyvion - Holla   PromvHolla Spire of Holla   SpireHolla
Hall of Transference, Mea   HallofTrns Promyvion - Mea   PromvMea Spire of Mea   SpireMea
  Promyvion - Vahzl   PromvVahzl Spire of Vahzl   SpireVahzl


Apollyon   Apollyon
Temenos   Temenos


Dynamis - Bastok   DynamisBas
Dynamis - Jeuno   DynamisJeu
Dynamis - San d'Oria   DynamisSan
Dynamis - Windurst   DynamisWin
Dynamis - Beaucedine   DynamisBcd
Dynamis - Xarcabard   DynamisXar

Dreamworld Dynamis

Dynamis - Buburimu   DynamisBub
Dynamis - Qufim   DynamisQuf
Dynamis - Valkurm   DynamisVal
Dynamis - Tavnazia   DynamisTav

Miscellaneous Zones

Mordion Gaol   Mordion
Chocobo Circuit   ChocoCirc


Bastok-Jeuno Airship   Airship
Kazham-Jeuno Airship   Airship
San d'Oria-Jeuno Airship   Airship
Windurst-Jeuno Airship   Airship


Open sea route to Mhaura   OpenseaMha
Silver Sea route to Nashmau   SilvSeaNas
Ship bound for Mhaura   ShipToSelb
Open sea route to Al Zahbi   OpenseaZah
Silver Sea route to Al Zahbi   SilvSeaZah
Ship bound for Mhaura   ShipToMhau
Manaclipper   Manaclipper
Phanauet Channel   PhanauetCh
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