One thing i have recently noticed is that we have a lack of community here on the wiki. We're a group of editors with no obvious communication or co-ordination. I'm by no means criticising. I just feel it would be beneficial to the wiki if we did have a platform to do so. Thus, i've created this community discussion page.

I'm not really a communtity manager kind of guy and i wouldn't say i have much of a vision for this at the moment. Hopefully it'll grow over time and become whatever it becomes. For now i'll keep it a basic place where anyon can: contribute to, communicate and learn, all with the ultimate goal of further improving the wiki.

Please feel free to contribute to this page!

Table of Contents:

What should we work on?
Ongoing Projects
Archived News



  • Updating the Top Navigation to make it more user friendly as per requested by a player.


  • Just wanted to give a shout out to By-Tor who has volunteered to join me in testing gardening yields. They will be working their way through the Wildgrass seed recipes whilst i finish off Grain seeds and then move onto 'trees'. Sadly testing results will slow down at this point as 'tree' type seeds take considerably longer to harvest than 'flowering seeds'.


Older News

  • Gardening yield data: I have been working my way through all of the various vegetable seed recipe combinations and recording my yield data on the wiki for Eden accuracy. I work on the assumption that Brass/Ceramic/Earthen pots are all coded to work the same and my data, although limited, does seem to support that theory. I'm pleased to say that Brass/Ceramic/Earthen pot data is now compiled (sample size, 10 yields).

  • Please do not update the BCNM/ENM and in the future ZNM pages unless that battlefield has been released. If we can keep it how it is now where only the ones that are updated (show up as blue) represent those that are ready to do on Eden it will make it easier for players to follow. If you see one that has been added to Eden but is still red, please update it or let me know. - Shoruto

  • When adding pictures, a lot of the main wiki pictures are in the WEBP format. I use this free website to convert those to PNG which then allows them to be put on our wiki. - Shoruto


What should we work on?

  • Guides
  • Job Specific Equipment
  • Job Artifact Armor (1st Tier AF gear) pictures
  • Crafting pictures
  • Monster pictures
  • Spell pictures
  • NPCs
  • Commands
  • Add in any missing areas/regions
  • Missions links (Made 2 typos when making links and marked 3 pages for deletion)Sandy: 3-3(d), 4-1(t), 5-1(d), 6-2(d) CoP: 4-1(t)

Ongoing Projects

  • Alchemy Data/Links & Pictures - Shoruto
  • Gardening yields - Spiffly/ Currently working on Herb Seeds.

Looking for raw data for gardening yields on Eden. Contributions are very welcome.

  • NPC's - MonkeyAce
  • Guides - Spiffly
  • Job Specific Equipment - Spiffly


  • 'Hover-over' images do not work. They're typically used for viewing maps on area pages. See Kazham for an example of it not working. ~ Spiffly

Archived News

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