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Some monster abilities will hit multiple characters, so long as they are in front of the mob.

"In front" generally means the 45° arc in the direction the mob is facing.

The cone has a variable lentgth, depending on the monster and ability being used.

These are frequently called "Breath" or "Gaze" attacks by NA players. Gaze attacks are denoted below with a *, and can be avoided by turning one's back on the monster before it uses the ability.

See also, Area of Effect, for more information about cone attacks and other AoE types.

Monster Abilities that are Cone Attacks

Species Ability Effect
Antica Magnetite Cloud Weight and Earth damage
Bugard Awful Eye Strength Down
Bugard Heavy Bellow Stun
Crawler Poison Breath Poison
Crawler Sticky Thread Slow
Taurus Mortal Ray * Doom
Eruca Incinerate Fire damage
Hound Poison Breath Poison
Scorpion Cold Breath Ice damage and Bind
Scorpion Numbing Breath Damage and Paralyze
Sea Monk Ink Jet Blind

Note that this list is by no means exhaustive.

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