Conquest Overseers are NPCs, which are directly related to the Conquest system. Every Allegiance have specific NPCs for certain tasks. The player have to use his nation NPC for most of the tasks. There are the Windustian War Warlocks (W.W.), the Bastokan Iron Musketeers (I.M.) and because of the division of powers the San d'Orian Temple Knights (T.K.) at cities and San d'Orian Royal Knights (R.K.) at the outland areas.
The Grand Dutchy of Jeuno provides neutral guards for all players.
You can classify the Overseers into three groups: City, Jeuno and Regional Conquest Guards.
City Conquest Overseers (synonym: Conquest Guards, Gate Guards, City Guards) can be divided into Foreign and National Guards, like the Regional Conquest Overseers can be divided into Outpost and Outland Guards aswell.

NPC description

National Conquest Guards

National Conquest Guards belong to one Allegiance and offer their functions only to the characters with the appropriate nation.
Only for characters with the same Allegiance as the NPC
For characters with a different Allegiance than the NPC

Foreign Conquest Guards

Foreign Conquest Guards are limited National Conquest Guards and only offer some of their functions. They are located in the consulates of each Allegiance city:
For characters only with the belonging Allegiance of the NPC
For characters only without the belonging Allegiance of the NPC
  • Doesn't offer any function

Jeuno Conquest Guards

Jeuno Conquest Guards are neutral Foreign Conquest guards and offer their functions to all players regardless of the nation:
For all characters

Outpost Conquest Guards

Outpost Conquest Guards only spawn at their locations, when their appropriate Allegiance conquered the region, which they are located, at the weekly conquest-tally. They provide following functions:
For characters only with the belonging Allegiance of the NPC
For characters only without the belonging Allegiance of the NPC
  • Choice of setting Home Point for a fee - higher prices for higher Allegiance Ranks (Rank 10: 5600 gil)

Outland Conquest Guards

Outland Conquest Guards spawn under the same conditions as the Outpost Guards do. They don't accept Garrison items:
For characters only with the belonging Allegiance of the NPC
For characters only without the belonging Allegiance of the NPC
  • Choice of setting Home Point for a fee - higher prices for higher Allegiance Ranks (Rank 10: 5600 gil)

Complete list of all Conquest Overseers

City Conquest Overseer

City Conquest Overseer
National Conquest Guard Foreign Conquest Guard
NPC Location NPC Location
Bastok Allegiance Flying Axe, I.M. Port Bastok (L-7) Yevgeny, I.M. Northern San d'Oria (K-10)
Rabid Wolf, I.M. Bastok Markets (E-11) Sachetan, I.M. Port Windurst (E-5)
Crying Wind, I.M. Bastok Mines (H-10)
San d'Oria Allegiance Arpevion, T.K. Southern San d'Oria (L-10) Panoquieur, T.K. Windurst Woods (G-10)
Aravoge, T.K. Southern San d'Oria (F-10) Glarociquet, T.K. Metalworks (H-9)
Achantere, T.K. Northern San d'Oria (C-8)
Windurst Allegiance Milma-Hapilma, W.W. Port Windurst (B-4) Chapal-Afal, W.W. Northern San d'Oria (H-9)
Puroiko-Maiko, W.W. Windurst Waters (G-5) Lexun-Marixun, W.W. Metalworks (I-7)
Harara, W.W. Windurst Woods (K-10)

Regional Conquest Overseer

Regional Conquest Overseer
Outpost Conquest Guard Outland Conquest Guard
Region NPC Location NPC Location
Bastok Allegiance Aragoneu Akane, I.M. Meriphataud Mountains (E-5) Three Steps, I.M. Meriphataud Mountains (F-12)
Derfland Souun, I.M. Pashhow Marshlands (K-6) Sharp Tooth, I.M. Pashhow Marshlands (K-4)
Elshimo Lowlands Mahol, I.M. Yuhtunga Jungle (G-11) Bammiro, I.M. Yuhtunga Jungle (G-6)
Elshimo Uplands Mintoo, I.M. Yhoator Jungle (I-8) Guddal, I.M. Yhoator Jungle (H-6)
Fauregandi Akane, I.M. Beaucedine Glacier (H-9) Rattling Rain, I.M. Beaucedine Glacier (G-6)
Gustaberg Shigezane, I.M. North Gustaberg (D-10) Heavy Fog, I.M. North Gustaberg (E-7)
Kolshushu Ishin, I.M. Buburimu Peninsula (E-7) Wise Turtle, I.M. Buburimu Peninsula (D-6)
Kuzotz Lindgard, I.M. Eastern Altepa Desert (F-10) Daborn, I.M. Eastern Altepa Desert (I-6)
Li'Telor Calliope, I.M. The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (H-9) Dedden, I.M. The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (F-5)
Norvallen Takamoto, I.M. Jugner Forest (I-8) Pure Heart, I.M. Jugner Forest (L-5)
Qufim Sasa, I.M. Qufim Island (F-6) Singing Blade, I.M. Qufim Island (I-8)
Ronfaure Yoshihiro, I.M. West Ronfaure (G-9) Molting Moth, I.M. West Ronfaure (F-12)
Sarutabaruta Ryokei, I.M. West Sarutabaruta (H-6) Slow Axe, I.M. West Sarutabaruta (K-4)
Tavnazian Archipelago Yoram, I.M. Lufaise Meadows (F-6) Ghost Talker, I.M. Lufaise Meadows (K-8)
Valdeaunia Kaya, I.M. Xarcabard (H-8) Heavy Bear, I.M. Xarcabard (F-7)
Vollbow Sarmistha, I.M. Cape Teriggan (G-8) Dultwa, I.M. Cape Teriggan (I-6)
Zulkheim Tsunashige, I.M. Valkurm Dunes (H-7) Fighting Ant, I.M. Valkurm Dunes (L-10)
San d'Oria Allegiance Aragoneu Chegourt, R.K. Meriphataud Mountains (E-5) Buliame, R.K. Meriphataud Mountains (F-12)
Derfland Mesachedeau, R.K. Pashhow Marshlands (K-6) Ioupie, R.K. Pashhow Marshlands (K-4)
Elshimo Lowlands Zorchorevi, R.K. Yuhtunga Jungle (G-11) Mupia, R.K. Yuhtunga Jungle (G-6)
Elshimo Uplands Ilieumort, R.K. Yhoator Jungle (I-8) Emila, R.K. Yhoator Jungle (H-6)
Fauregandi Parledaire, R.K. Beaucedine Glacier (H-9) Leaufetie, R.K. Beaucedine Glacier (G-6)
Gustaberg Ennigreaud, R.K. North Gustaberg (D-10) Quellebie, R.K. North Gustaberg (E-7)
Kolshushu Bonbavour, R.K. Buburimu Peninsula (E-7) Craigine, R.K. Buburimu Peninsula (D-6)
Kuzotz Eaulevisat, R.K. Eastern Altepa Desert (F-10) Laimeve, R.K. Eastern Altepa Desert (I-6)
Li'Telor Credaurion, R.K. The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (H-9) Limion, R.K. The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (F-5)
Norvallen Chaplion, R.K. Jugner Forest (I-8) Taumiale, R.K. Jugner Forest (L-5)
Qufim Pitoire, R.K. Qufim Island (F-6) Matica, R.K. Qufim Island (I-8)
Ronfaure Doladepaiton, R.K. West Ronfaure (G-9) Ballie, R.K. West Ronfaure (F-12)
Sarutabaruta Naguipeillont, R.K. West Sarutabaruta (H-6) Banege, R.K. West Sarutabaruta (K-4)
Tavnazian Archipelago Jemmoquel, R.K. Lufaise Meadows (F-6) Chilaumme, R.K. Lufaise Meadows (K-8)
Valdeaunia Jeantelas, R.K. Xarcabard (H-8) Pilcha, R.K. Xarcabard (F-7)
Vollbow Salimardi, R.K. Cape Teriggan (G-8) Paise, R.K. Cape Teriggan (I-6)
Zulkheim Quanteilleron, R.K. Valkurm Dunes (H-7) Prunilla, R.K. Valkurm Dunes (L-10)
Windurst Allegiance Aragoneu Donmo-Boronmo, W.W. Meriphataud Mountains (E-5) Daruru, W.W. Meriphataud Mountains (F-12)
Derfland Mokto-Lankto, W.W. Pashhow Marshlands (K-6) Shikoko, W.W. Pashhow Marshlands (K-4)
Elshimo Lowlands Uphra-Kophra, W.W. Yuhtunga Jungle (G-11) Richacha, W.W. Yuhtunga Jungle (G-6)
Elshimo Uplands Etaj-Pohtaj, W.W. Yhoator Jungle (I-8) Ghantata, W.W. Yhoator Jungle (H-6)
Fauregandi Ryunchi-Pauchi, W.W. Beaucedine Glacier (H-9) Chopapa, W.W. Beaucedine Glacier (G-6)
Gustaberg Kuuwari-Aori, W.W. North Gustaberg (D-10) Butsutsu, W.W. North Gustaberg (E-7)
Kolshushu Ganemu-Punnemu, W.W. Buburimu Peninsula (E-7) Mashasha, W.W. Buburimu Peninsula (D-6)
Kuzotz Variko-Njariko, W.W. Eastern Altepa Desert (F-10) Sahgygy, W.W. Eastern Altepa Desert (I-6)
Li'Telor Ajimo-Majimo, W.W. The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (H-9) Ochocho, W.W. The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (F-5)
Norvallen Bubchu-Bibinchu, W.W. Jugner Forest (I-8) Geruru, W.W. Jugner Forest (L-5)
Qufim Tsonga-Hoponga, W.W. Qufim Island (F-6) Numumu, W.W. Qufim Island (I-8)
Ronfaure Kyanta-Pakyanta, W.W. West Ronfaure (G-9) Tottoto, W.W. West Ronfaure (F-12)
Sarutabaruta Roshina-Kuleshuna, W.W. West Sarutabaruta (H-6) Darumomo, W.W. West Sarutabaruta (K-4)
Tavnazian Archipelago Teldo-Moroldo, W.W. Lufaise Meadows (F-6) Cotete, W.W. Lufaise Meadows (K-8)
Valdeaunia Magumo-Yagimo, W.W. Xarcabard (H-8) Tememe, W.W. Xarcabard (F-7)
Vollbow Voranbo-Natanbo, W.W. Cape Teriggan (G-8) Orukeke, W.W. Cape Teriggan (I-6)
Zulkheim Nyata-Mobuta, W.W. Valkurm Dunes (H-7) Tebubu, W.W. Valkurm Dunes (L-10)

Jeuno Conquest Overseer

Jeuno Conquest Overseer
Jeuno Conquest Guard
NPC Location
Neutral Kochahy-Muwachahy Port Jeuno (K-8)
Alrauverat Lower Jeuno (F-11)
Emitt Upper Jeuno (F-5)
Morlepiche Ru'Lude Gardens (H-10)

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