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Conquest Points are obtained via the Conquest System when you defeat an enemy with Signet on.
You can see how many Conquest Points your character has by using the ingame menu category "Regional Info" under the topic "Conquest" or via /rmap command in areas out of the Empire of Aht Urhgan. The character's C.P. will be listed in the bottom right corner.

The formula for calculating Conquest Points:

(EXP/10) * Region Modifier = Conquest Points

Region Modifier :

  • 1 = Region under your Allegiance control
  • 1.5 = Region not controlled by your Allegiance (other nation or beastmen)
  • In the event of a nation alliance, the first place nation will get the 1.5 modifier in all regions and the allianced nations will get a modifier of 2 in regions controlled by the first place nation, a modifier of 1.5 in Beastmen controlled regions and a modifier of 1 in areas controlled by either nation in the alliance.

You can spend these points to obtain items from your Conquest Overseers:

Note: You may purchase some items from other nations' Conquest Overseers if your nation is higher in the actual Conquest hierarchy, but at the CP cost of the next higher rank (see also the Conquest point items articles). For example, if you were rank 7 of Windurst allegiance and Windurst was above Bastok in the current Conquest standings, you could buy a rank 7 Gold Musketeer's Bolt from a Bastokan Conquest Overseer, but you would have to pay 40000 CP (the price for a rank 8 item) instead of 32000 CP (the price for a rank 7 item).