Job Trait Overview

  • Game Description: Occasionally reduces spells' MP cost.
  • Job Traits are always active.
  • Further Notes:
    • The Conserve MP trait obtained at Black Mage level 20 is a "Conserve MP +25"; it activates for approximately 25% of spells cast. Equipment that gives "Conserve MP +X" increases the activation rate of Conserve MP by approximately X% of spells cast. E.g. Conserve MP +5 in combination with the Conserve MP job trait will give a net activation rate of 30% of spells.
    • When Conserve MP activates, the cost of the spell will be reduced to n/16 * (original cost), rounded down, where n is an integer ranging from 8 to 15. All possible values of n have an approximately equal chance to occur.
    • With a base activation rate of 25%, Conserve MP allows you to retain approximately 7-8 MP for every 100 MP spent. The actual amount retained may vary.
    • Conserve MP will not allow you to cast a spell for which you would otherwise have insufficient MP to cast.

Equipment that Enhances this Trait

Equipment Level Enhancement
Aries Subligar 50 "Conserve MP" +1
Duende Cotehardie 50 "Conserve MP" +4
Water Ring 65 Watersday: "Conserve MP" +15
Sorcerer's Sabots / Sorcerer's Sabots +1 71/75 "Conserve MP" +5
Magnetic Earring 72 "Conserve MP" +5
Igqira Weskit / Genie Weskit 73 "Conserve MP" +2
Goliard Saio 75 "Conserve MP" +5
Seveneyes 75 "Conserve MP" +7

Blue Magic Spells that Enhance this Trait

Pick any 2 spells to get Conserve MP job trait.

Level Available Spell Set Point Cost
32 Chaotic Eye 2
65 Zephyr Mantle 2
66 Frost Breath 3
68 Firespit 5

Conserve MP

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