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  Start NPC:   Ququroon - Nashmau (H-6)
  Items Needed:


  Reward:   Bowl of Nashmau Stew

  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   


Ququroon wants the following fish:

If you are unable to fish up these fish, then these are only available from the Auction House or possibly the Fishing Guild Merchant, Wahnid. Note that the availability of goods from the Auction House depends on whether players have put them up for sale or not; and similarly, the availability of goods from Guild Merchants depends on whether players have sold them to those merchants or not.

There is a possibility that Ququroon will fail to make the Nashmau Stew when you bring him the fish. The quest is still considered completed, but you will not receive the reward. What triggers Ququroon's failure is not known.

Game Description

Client: Ququroon (North of the Weapon Shop, Nashmau)

Ququroon wants to practice cooking so he can open a restaurant one day. Help him out by bringing him the ingredients he requires.
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