A Costume is a harmless status effect that alters a character's appearance until it wears off or is removed. Costume effects are usually gained during special events, and may only be used inside cities and towns.

How to remove the effect

  • Zoning will usually remove this effect.
  • Depending on the costume, it may also be possible to remove it manually from the bar by selecting it.
  • Depending on the costume, it may wear off automatically after a certain amount of time.
  • You cannot use any abilities or interact with the enviroment while under the effect of the costume.

How the effect is inflicted


Obtained during Doll Festival 2005 and 2006:

Obtained during Feast of Swords 2005, 2006 and 2007:


Possible reward from Happy New Year 2005!:

Possible reward from the Vana'diel Adventurer Recruitment Program:

NPC Abilities

  • Certain holiday NPC's and/or Moogles will give you this effect to help you get into the season, notably during:
  • Illusion gives an enhanced Costume that prevents detection but has the side effect of a strong DoT and reduced movement speed.
  • When a Poroggo uses Frog Song on you, you are transformed into a frog and Charmed: This wears off after you are uncharmed.

Equipment that Enhances Costume Effects

  • The Pitchfork +1 grants a slight boost in movement speed when wearing a costume.
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