Job Trait

  • Counter is a Monk trait that may cancel the target's attack with an attack of your own.
    • Job traits are always active.
  • Obtained: Monk Level 10
  • MP Cost: 0


  • Counter attacks are able to critical.
  • Counter effects from gear, food or buffs do not require the job trait to be enabled.
  • It is possible to miss a counter attack, as Counter is subject to accuracy checks like a regular attack.
  • Status effects like Stun, Sleep, etc. can cause the character to be unable to Counter.
  • Counter activated in the middle of casting a spell will not interrupt the spell casting.
  • You can Counter multiple enemies, as long as they are in your range of view and are engaged in battle with you.
  • It is possible to counter while using Cover as a MNK, PAL/MNK, or BLM/PAL.
  • Dual weapon users counter with their main weapon only.
  • Counters do not earn the user any TP. However the opponent will gain TP as if it was hit with a normal attack.
  • This trait has no effect on enemy's TP attacks.
  • This trait has no effect on magic or ranged attacks.
  • Weapon and Evasion skill-ups can occur during Counter, as if it was a normal attack sequence.
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