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Start NPC: Kohlo-Lakolo - Port Windurst (G-5)
Windurst Reputation 5
Items Needed: Star Spinel
Title: None
Repeatable: No
Reward: Star Necklace

Previous Quest: Onion Rings
Next Quest: Wild Card
  Replay Cutscene   
  Crying Over Onions(pt.1)   Tonule Port Windurst (B-5)
  Crying Over Onions(pt.2)   Tonule Port Windurst (B-5)


Game Description

Client: Kohlo-Lakolo
Summary: Honoi-Gomoi, a merchant who lives in Windurst Waters, has ordered the Star Onion Brigade to return the Mana Orb to him. Help the gang out of this fix before they're framed as a bunch of thieves.