An Explanation

Cure Potency refers to the effectiveness of healing spells, such as Cure and Curaga, and even spells like Healing Breeze wielded by a Blue Mage despite not bearing "Cure" in their names. Anything that increases Cure Potency directly affects the amount of HP healed by these spells.

An example: A White Mage casts Cure II which normally heals their target for 90 HP. If they equip something that gives them Cure Potency +10%, their Cure II will heal their target for 99 HP.

Cure Potency ignores the "soft caps" of healing spells. Equipment that enhances Cure Potency is usually much more effective for healing purposes, as opposed to equipment that enhances Healing Skill or Mind which are greatly limited by soft caps.

Cure Potency only applies when Cure is used to heal a target. It has no effect on the damage done by Cure when used to attack Undead enemies.

The highest possible Cure Potency you can achieve is +42% with Dia Wand and Templar Mace via Dual Wield, Aristocrat's Coat, Medicine Ring. With the Healing Feather enchantment, you can have as high as +57%. Meaning if you use Cure V for 800 HP, you could get up to 1256 HP out of it for example.

Equipment that Enhances Cure Potency

Level Type Name Potency %
40 Club Dia Wand Cure Potency +10%Verification Needed
50 Ring Medicine Ring Latent Effect: Cure Potency +10%
51 Staff Light Staff Cure Potency +10%
51 Staff Apollo's Staff Cure Potency +10%
52 Leg Armor Puppetry Churidars Automaton: Cure Potency +5%Verification Needed
54 Earring Hospitaler Earring Cure Potency +5%
55 Staff Healing Staff Cure Potency +10%
55 Staff Dryad Staff Cure Potency +10%
61 Throwing Healing Feather Cure Potency +15%
62 Club Asklepios Cure Potency +5%
68 Body Armor Noble's Tunic Cure Potency +10%
68 Body Armor Aristocrat's Coat Cure Potency +12%
71 Club Templar Mace Cure Potency +10%

Job Abilities that Enhance Cure Potency

Level Job Ability Potency %
15 White Mage Divine Seal Doubles Cure Potency for a single cast

(+100% plus any amount of Cure Potency equipment already being used)

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