Start NPC:   Shantotto - Windurst Walls (K-7)
  Windurst Reputation 4
  Level 10 Information Needed
  Items Needed:   Key Item: Shantotto's New Spell
  Title:   Total Loser
  Doctor Shantotto's Flavor of the Month
  Repeatable:   No.
  Reward:   Scroll of Warp II
  Previous Quest:   Curses, Foiled...Again!?
  Next Quest:   None.


If you kill too many monsters, you get the wrong cutscene at Rukususu and end up with Shantotto's Ex-Spell KI.

When I completed it successfully, I was a scrawny little white mage, so I just sneak/invis my way to victory without killing anything.



  • You will need to zone if you just did the pre-quest Curses, Foiled...Again!? .
  • Speak to Shantotto who will ask you a question. Choose the second option, "Ask if you're worthy.". Shantotto will then ask you another question, choose the second option again, "Whatchu talkin' 'bout Shantotto?".
  • Shantotto will bestow you with the title: Total Loser if you choose the 1st option, "Yes mommy" instead of the second option for the second question. If you did not choose this option, however, you can still get the title at the title-changing NPC after the quest has been completed.
  • NOTE: The title "Total Loser" is not necessary for this quest. Choosing the second option on the first question is, however. It is possible to get the title without activating the quest.
  • Shantotto will also tell you to go to Beaucedine Glacier and find Minister Rukususu and her party. You will also now have the quest in your quest log.
  • Head out to Beaucedine Glacier and pass the first tower. At the fork in the road (H-9), head east. At (I-8) take the slope downward and head north to the tower at (I-7) and Torino-Samarino.
  • Speak to Torino-Samarino and get the Key Item: Shantotto's New Spell.
  • Head back outside to the glacier and head south to (I-9) and head down another slope. Head east to (J-9) then head north, past the tower and a frozen pond to (J-6) where you will need to head down another slope that leads to an open field. Head north and you'll see Fei'Yin.
  • Once inside Fei'Yin, head to (F-6) on the map on the right. Open the first cermet door on your right and you'll see a cutscene with Rukususu.
  • Leave Fei'Yin. Return to Windurst Walls and talk to Shantotto. After a cutscene, she'll reward you with the Warp II scroll and the title: Doctor Shantotto's Flavor of the Month.

Game Description

Client: Shantotto (Manor, Windurst Walls)

Shantotto wants you to go ask the Rhinostery's Rukususu about how her magic is performing. Rukususu's party is said to be at the tower ruins on the Beaucedine Glacier.
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