Classic FFXI community

Here is a list of OOE(Out of era) changes to Eden

  • Job changes
  • NM Specific Changes
    • Some mobs do not reset their window when the server is reset Full List
  • Wardrobe 1 is unlocked at city rank3 and Wardrobe 2 is unlocked at city rank6. Wardrobe 3 is unlocked upon completion of Apocalypse Nigh.
  • Fishing has gold/silver arrows minigame
  • Fishing has no fatigue
  • TP required for weapon skills is 1,000/2,000/3,000
  • Gathering points where players may mine, log, or harvest items will now display a visual effect.
  • Mobs which link will yield experience points based on the level of the player they initially aggro to, even if claimed by another player.
  • The auction house has unlimited listings and they and expire after 30 days but there is listing fee of 1%/item and 0.5%/stack up to a capped number.
  • There is no bazaar tax in most cities. Al Zahbi/Whitegate have 10% tax, Jeuno bazaar has 5%.
  • Ores/Logs/Hides/Beastman armor/crystal clusters all stack to 12. Full List
  • Fish bait stacks to 99
  • Level Sync exists, and does not sync down gear. You need gear for the level you're syncing to.
  • Spheroids award vastly reduced exp
  • /lastsynth (Performs the last synthesis you did) works.
  • GP are not lost when swapping guilds, they simply go "inactive" and you will retain them once swapping back again.
  • You can equip two linkshells at once
  • Mythic Weapons (currently unavailable)
  • If an outside party member gains hate from a monster, the experience for the party is reduced severely, i.e. if a PL attempts to supertank multiple mobs at once for party members to pick off, the xp will be close to 0.
  • /sitchair