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Dabih Jajalioh.jpg
Dabih Jajalioh
Ru'Lude Gardens (F-9); down the steps southeast of the Auction House


After a certain amount has been purchased from her, she changes her greeting.

Dabih Jajalioh:

Hello therrre. I worrrk for the M&P Market. I'm still new, so I don't know much about selling stuff...

Announces when her stock has changed by saying:

My new shipment has finally come in. Talk to me, and I can show you what we have!

  • You do not need to personally buy items for her to upgrade her stock, it appears to be server-based instead.
    • I bought a stack of every item available (the six standard ones) and zoned. Then she had additional items in stock. So maybe it isn't server-based after all ...

See Also:

  • The Little Shopkeeper


Please be aware: Some of the items listed as "Occassionally Sold" were sold on retail during events, many of which do not happen on Eden. You should not rely on this NPC Vendor to stock them reliably, if at all.

Always Sold Price
Carnation 60
Chamomile 119 - 135
Marguerite 120
Rain Lily 96
Red Rose 80
Wijnruit 110 - 124

* The availability of these items seems to vary depending on how much has been purchased from her.

** Sell three varieties of chocobo eggs; Their descriptions include "a bit warm", "slightly warm", and "faintly warm."

Occasionally Sold* Price
Amaryllis 120
Fruit Seeds 900
Goblin Doll 490 - 500
Koma 165 - 210
Lilac 120
Lacquer Tree Log 50,000
Libation Abjuration 250,000
Ogre Pumpkin 88 - 99
Scroll of Reraise III 500,000 - 552,000
Twinkle Powder 354 - 400
Chocobo Egg** 1,040