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Dagger weapon skill

  • Skill level: 200 (Thieves only.)
  • Delivers a fivefold attack. Accuracy varies with TP.


  • Damage Multipliers by TP:
100%TP 200%TP 300%TP
1.1875 1.1875 1.1875


  • Dancing Edge is only available to Thieves. While other jobs can obtain the required 200 Dagger skill, they will be unable to use Dancing Edge.
  • Dagger skill level 200 is obtainable by the following jobs at these corresponding levels:
Job Rating Level
Thief A- 60
Corsair B+ 62
Red Mage B 62
Warrior B- 62
Bard B- 62
Ranger B- 62
Beastmaster C+ 64
Ninja C+ 64
Dark Knight C 65
Paladin C- 65
Puppetmaster C- 65
Black Mage D 70
Samurai E 75
Dragoon E 75
Summoner E 75
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