The time that is between swinging or shooting with a weapon.

Melee Delay

Every 60 delay for a melee weapon is equal to 1 real time second, and it is determined by the weapon used (except for Hand to Hand delay). For example, a 450 delay Great Katana (such as the festive Wooden Katana), takes 450 / 60 = 7.5 seconds between attack round. A faster weapon, such as the 280 delay Lotus Katana, then takes 280 / 60 = ~4.7 seconds between attack round.

Delay determines the amount of TP returned per hit. The Haste status effects (including from both Haste and March) and Haste equipment reduces the time interval between attack rounds without affecting TP. The Dual Wield trait reduces the time interval between attack rounds, but affects TP gained per hit as well, generally reducing it.

The the level of Martial Arts trait sets the base delay for Hand to Hand attack rounds, while Hand to Hand weapons contribute 0 or more additional delay when equipped.

Two Handed Delay (Sword Strap) works like Dual Wield delay and Tp is recalulated after reduction.

Ranged Delay

Ranged delay have a different mechanism from melee delay :

  • Ranged delay is about twice as fast as melee delay : 110 delay/second
  • Ranged weapon delay is the only variable affecting the total delay. Ammo delay doesn't affect the total delay.
  • Ranged attack delay is divided into 3 phases :
    • 1. Pulling out ranged weapon, aiming, and shooting : this time span is calculated by : Weapon Delay / 110
    • 2. After shooting → putting back ranged weapon : This delay usually takes 1.7 second to 1.8 second. However, occasionally, it can take fluctuate from 1.6 second to 1.9 second
    • 3. "Free" phase : at this time span, melee timer is un-paused. The minimum time this delay can have is 1.1 second

So the delay between shot of ranged weapon is :
Delay = (Weapon Delay/110)s + 1.7s~1.8s + 1.1s


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