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File:Dia (Status Effect).png Dia is a harmful status effect that burns the player with light and illuminates their weaknesses until it wears off or is removed. Afflicted characters experience light damage over time and reduced defense. Damage dealt by the dia effect will wake characters under the effect of sleep.

Defense down

Dia: 5% defense down
Dia II: 10% defense down
Dia III: 15% defense down
Diaga: 5% defense down

How to remove the effect

  • The White Magic spell Erase will remove this effect.
  • A Bio effect of the same or higher tier will replace a Dia effect with its own effect.
  • Going in and out of your Mog House.

How the effect is inflicted


Other Information

Dia / Bio Priority
Dia and Bio do not stack.
Dia -> Bio -> Dia II -> Bio II -> Dia III -> Bio III
Example: If Dia is cast, and Bio is cast afterwards, Dia will be overwritten. If Dia II is then cast, Bio will be overwritten. If Bio II is cast, Dia II will be overwritten.
Note: This is not necessarily the case for player characters who have been hit with both spells.