Mission Name:   Doll of the Dead
  Start NPC:   Any Windurst Gate Guard
  Requirements:   Mission: 8-2
  Suggested Level:   65+
  Title:   Guiding Star
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Rank points
  Previous Mission:   The Jester who'd be King
  Next Mission:   Moon Reading
  Replay Cutscene   
  The Doll of the Dead(pt.1)   Bozack Windurst Woods (J-10)
  The Doll of the Dead(pt.2)   Bozack Windurst Woods (J-10)
  The Doll of the Dead(pt.3)   Bozack Windurst Woods (J-10)


  • Receive the mission and talk to the NPCs in this order.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The Orastery Minister has awoken and the Bearer of Darkness once again terrorizes Heavens Tower. At the request of the Manustery you are to speak with a person imprisoned within Boyahda Tree and discover the truth behind the doll of the dead.

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