Doom is a harmful status effect that spells certain doom for those afflicted unless it is removed. Afflicted characters have a timer that counts down. If this timer runs out, the character dies.

How to remove the effect

However, note that these methods can fail to remove Doom and may require multiple casts or uses.

Note: Many times the affected player will "narrowly escape doom" if the Yagudo NM dies in a timely manner (Dynamis only).

How the effect is inflicted/gained

Monster Abilities

How to avoid the effect

The ability Mortal Ray used by Taurus is a Gaze Attack, meaning, the monster and its target must be face-to-face for the ability to take efffect. Because of this, just like all other Gaze Attacks, there are three ways to prevent being Doomed:

  • Tanking backwards
  • Turning around before the ability is used
  • Using Blinding Potions

Keep in mind when trying to turn around to avoid the effect, the player must have quick reflexes and turn as soon as the "Taurus readies Mortal Ray" message appears in the chat log. If he/she turns as the monster uses its ability, it will likely still take effect.

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