This deep purple coloured lightweight plate armor set is created for the Dragoon. Reflecting the characteristic handling of their wyvern, the Dragoon artifact provides several performance-enhancing boosts for the Dragoon's wyvern. Furthermore, the Dragoon themselves are given some combat boosts, many of which increase the survivability of the Dragoon while working alone. For a fee you can store the set at any Armor Storer.

Number of Pieces: 5   Cost to store: 1000 gil   Storage marker: Drachen Armor Claim Slip

Level Armor Piece
52 Drachen Brais RareExclusive

[Legs] All Races
DEF: 27 HP +15

Trans Earth.gif
Enhances "Ancient Circle" effect
Wyvern: HP +10%
Lv. 52 DRG

54 Drachen Greaves RareExclusive

[Feet] All Races
DEF: 10 HP +12 AGI +3
Evasion Skill +5
Enhances "Jump" effects
Lv. 54 DRG

56 Drachen Finger Gauntlets RareExclusive

[Hands] All Races
DEF: 15 HP +11 DEX +3
Parrying Skill +10
Enhances wyvern's accuracy
Lv. 56 DRG

58 Drachen Mail RareExclusive

[Body] All Races
DEF: 38 HP +15 VIT +4

Adds "Regen" effect to wyvern
Lv. 58 DRG

60 Drachen Armet RareExclusive

[Head] All Races
DEF: 16 HP +12 MND +5 Resist Vs. Lightning +10
Wyvern uses breaths more effectively
Lv. 60 DRG

Set Summary

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