Start NPC:   Black Mud - Bastok Mines (J-7)
  Bastok Reputation 2
  Items Needed:   Drachenfall Water
  Title:   Drachenfall Ascetic
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   2000g

  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   None


  • Talk to Black Mud, who gives you a Brass Canteen to fill with water from the Drachenfall.
  • Take the canteen to Dangruf Wadi and head north. You will go through two geysers that move you up to a higher ledge.
    The first geyser is at I-8, and the next is at the far northeast area of the zone, at J-3. After going up that geyser you will follow an unmarked path leading northeast into a hidden section of North Gustaberg.
  • Once in North Gustaberg head east, cross the bridge, then go further east to the waterfall.
  • Trade the Brass Canteen to the Waterfall Base to receive the Drachenfall Water.
The North Gustaberg location for the quest An Explorer's Footsteps is in the cave nearby, and it is easy to complete them both at the same time.

Game Description

Client: Black Mud (Ore Street, Bastok Mines)

Black Mud has asked you to fetch him some Drachenfall water from North Gustaberg.
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