Job Trait Overview

  • Game Description: Allows user to equip two weapons at once.
  • Job Traits are always active.
  • Further Notes:
    • Only one-handed weapons can be dual-wielded.
    • Delay reductions are active only when two weapons are equipped.
    • TP per hit is calculated using the reduced Delay.
      • When dual wielding weapons with different Delays, the average Delay (reduction included) is used for the TP calculations; both weapons will gain the same TP.
    • Only the Weapon Skills of the weapon currently equipped in the main hand are available for use. If you equip two different types of weapons, you do not have access to both Weapon Skill sets at once.
    • During non-elemental Weapon Skills, an extra hit is performed with the secondary weapon. This does not apply to elemental Weapon Skills (such as Shining Strike) or special Weapon Skills such as Spirits Within.
    • Weapon Skill Damage is based on the damage rating of the main hand weapon.

Equipment that Enhances this Trait

Item Delay Reduction
Sarashi 1% (with NIN Subjob)
Ninja Chainmail/Ninja Chainmail +1 5%
Suppanomimi 5%
Koga Hakama/Koga Hakama +1 5%

Dual Wield I

  • Obtained: Ninja Level 10
  • Delay Reduction: 10%

Dual Wield II

  • Obtained: Ninja Level 25
  • Delay Reduction: 15%

Dual Wield III

  • Obtained: Ninja Level 45
  • Delay Reduction: 25%

Dual Wield IV

  • Obtained: Ninja Level 65
  • Delay Reduction: 30%
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