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  Trail Markings:   Beaucedine Glacier (F-11)

  Hydra Corps Lantern
  Hydra Corps Command Scepter
  Hydra Corps Eyeglass
  Hydra Corps Tactical Map

  Boss:   Angra Mainyu
  Title:   Dynamis-Beaucedine Interloper
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Key Item: Hydra Corps Insignia


  Ancient Currency:
  One Byne Bill
  Ordelle Bronzepiece
  Tukuku Whiteshell
  Lungo-Nango Jadeshell
  Montiont Silverpiece
  One Hundred Byne Bill
  Copy of "Ginuva's Battle Theory"
  Copy of "Schultz Stratagems"
  Infinity Core
  Attestation of Accuracy
  Attestation of Bravery
  Attestation of Celerity
  Attestation of Decisiveness
  Attestation of Force
  Attestation of Fortitude
  Attestation of Glory
  Attestation of Harmony
  Attestation of Invulnerability
  Attestation of Legerity
  Attestation of Might
  Attestation of Righteousness
  Attestation of Sacrifice
  Attestation of Transcendence
  Attestation of Vigor
  Attestation of Virtue
  Colossal Skull
  Goblin Grease
  Gold Beastcoin
  Mythril Beastcoin
  Relic Iron
  Wootz Ore
  Slime Juice
  Lancewood Log
  Sparkling Stone
  Relic Weapons:   n/a
  Relic Armor:   Abyss Cuirass (DRK)
  Assassin's Culotte (THF)
  Bard's Justaucorps (BRD)
  Cleric's Briault (WHM)
  Commodore Frac (COR)
  Duelist's Tabard (RDM)
  Koga Chainmail (NIN)
  Melee Cyclas (MNK)
  Mirage Jubbah (BLU)
  Monster Gaiters (BST)
  Pantin Tobe (PUP)
  Saotome Domaru (SAM)
  Scout's Socks (RNG)
  Sorcerer's Coat (BLM)
  Summoner's Doublet (SMN)
  Valor Breeches (PLD)
  Warrior's Cuisses (WAR)
  Wyrm Mail (DRG)

Monsters Found Here

Statues - Goblins - Orcs - Quadav - Yagudo - Hydra


Name Type Notes
Warchief Tombstone  Orc  
Serjeant Tombstone  Orc  
Adamantking Effigy  Quadav  
Avatar Icon  Yagudo  
Manifest Icon  Yagudo  Sleepga II, Hastega, Dispelga, Paralyga
Goblin Replica  Goblin  
Goblin Statue  Goblin  
Dynamis Tombstone  Orc  (J-9)
Dynamis Effigy  Quadav  (J-9)
Dynamis Icon  Yagudo  (I-7)
Dynamis Statue  Goblin  (I-8)


Name Job
Vanguard Alchemist White Mage
Vanguard Ambusher Ranger
Vanguard Armorer Paladin
Vanguard Dragontamer Dragoon
Vanguard Enchanter Red Mage
Vanguard Hitman Ninja
Vanguard Maestro Bard
Vanguard Necromancer Summoner
Vanguard Pitfighter Monk
Vanguard Ronin Samurai
Vanguard Shaman Black Mage
Vanguard Smithy Warrior
Vanguard Tinkerer Dark Knight
Vanguard Welldigger Thief
Vanguard Pathfinder
   Vanguard's Slime
   Slime (Paralyga)
Name Job Position
Ascetox Ratgums Black Mage (H-9)
Bordox Kittyback Thief (H-9)
Brewnix Bittypupils White Mage (J-6)
Draklix Scalecrust Dragoon (H-8)
Droprix Granitepalms Monk (G-9)
Gibberox Pimplebeak Red Mage (I-7)
Moltenox Stubthumbs Warrior D.Statue
Morblox Chubbychin Summoner D.Statue
Routsix Rubbertendon Beastmaster (I-8)
Ruffbix Jumbolobes Paladin D.Statue
Shisox Widebrow Samurai (H-7)
Slinkix Trufflesniff Ranger D.Statue
Swypestix Tigershins Ninja (H-8)
Tocktix Thinlids Dark Knight (J-6)
Whistrix Toadthroat Bard (I-8)


Name Job
Vanguard Amputator White Mage
Vanguard Backstabber Ninja
Vanguard Bugler Bard
Vanguard Dollmaster Summoner
Vanguard Footsoldier Warrior
Vanguard Grappler Monk
Vanguard Gutslasher Samurai
Vanguard Impaler Dragoon
Vanguard Mesmerizer Black Mage
Vanguard Neckchopper Dark Knight
Vanguard Pillager Thief
Vanguard Predator Ranger
Vanguard Trooper Paladin
Vanguard Vexer Red Mage
Vanguard Hawker
   Vanguard's Hecteyes
   Hecteyes (Dispelga, immune to Sleep)
Name Job Position
Cobraclaw Buchzvotch Monk (K-8)
Deathcaller Bidfbid Summoner (K-8)
Drakefeast Wubmfub Dragoon D.Tomb.
Elvaanlopper Grokdok Samurai D.Tomb.
Galkarider Retzpratz Ranger (K-8)
Heavymail Djidzbad Paladin (G-10)
Humegutter Adzjbadj Warrior D.Tomb.
Jeunoraider Gepkzip Ninja (J-6)
Lockbuster Zapdjipp Thief (K-8)
Mithraslaver Debhabob Beastmaster (J-9)
Skinmask Ugghfogg Dark Knight (G-10)
Spinalsucker Galflmall Red Mage D.Tomb.
Taruroaster Biggsjig Black Mage (G-10)
Ultrasonic Zeknajak Bard (J-6)
Wraithdancer Gidbnod White Mage (J-9)


Name Job
Vanguard Constable White Mage
Vanguard Defender Paladin
Vanguard Drakekeeper Dragoon
Vanguard Hatamoto Samurai
Vanguard Kusa Ninja
Vanguard Mason Ranger
Vanguard Militant Monk
Vanguard Minstrel Bard
Vanguard Protector Red Mage
Vanguard Purloiner Thief
Vanguard Thaumaturge Black Mage
Vanguard Undertaker Summoner
Vanguard Vigilante Dark Knight
Vanguard Vindicator Warrior
Vanguard Beasttender
   Vanguard's Scorpion
   Scorpion (Breakga)
Name Job Position
Be'Zhe Keeprazer Summoner (I-9)
De'Bho Pyrohand Black Mage D.Effigy
Ga'Fho Venomtouch White Mage D.Effigy
Go'Tyo Magenapper Dragoon (J-9)
Gu'Khu Dukesniper Ranger (J-6)
Gu'Nha Wallstormer Warrior (J-6)
Ji'Fhu Infiltrator Thief (I-8)
Ji'Khu Towercleaver Samurai (J-9)
Mi'Rhe Whisperblade Ninja (J-9)
Mu'Gha Legionkiller Paladin (H-9)
Na'Hya Floodmaker Red Mage (G-10)
Nu'Bhi Spiraleye Bard (J-9)
So'Gho Adderhandler Beastmaster D.Effigy
So'Zho Metalbender Monk D.Effigy
Ta'Hyu Gallanthunter Dark Knight (I-8)


Name Job
Vanguard Assassin Ninja
Vanguard Chanter Bard
Vanguard Exemplar Paladin
Vanguard Inciter Dark Knight
Vanguard Liberator Thief
Vanguard Oracle Summoner
Vanguard Partisan Dragoon
Vanguard Persecutor Samurai
Vanguard Prelate Black Mage
Vanguard Priest White Mage
Vanguard Salvager Ranger
Vanguard Sentinel Monk
Vanguard Skirmisher Warrior
Vanguard Visionary Red Mage
Vanguard Ogresoother
   Vanguard's Crow
   Bird (Silencega)
Name Job Position
Bhuu Wjato the Firepool Black Mage (I-7)
Caa Xaza the Madpiercer Red Mage (I-7)
Foo Peku the Bloodcloak Warrior (I-8)
Guu Waji the Preacher Paladin D.Icon
Hee Mida the Meticulous Ranger (H-9)
Knii Hoqo the Bisector Samurai (J-6)
Koo Saxu the Everfast White Mage D.Icon
Kuu Xuka the Nimble Ninja D.Icon
Maa Zaua tha Wyrmkeeper Dragoon (H-9)
Nee Huxa the Judgmental Dark Knight D.Icon
Puu Timu the Phantasmal Summoner (G-10)
Ryy Qihi the Idolrobber Thief (J-6)
Soo Jopo the Fiendking Beastmaster (H-9)
Xaa Chau the Roctalon Monk (G-9)
Xhoo Fuza the Sublime Bard (H-10)


Hydra Bard
Hydra Black Mage
Hydra Dark Knight
Hydra Dragoon
Hydra Monk
Hydra Ninja
Hydra Paladin
Hydra Ranger
Hydra Red Mage
Hydra Samurai
Hydra Summoner
Hydra Thief
Hydra Warrior
Hydra White Mage
Hydra Beastmaster
   Hydra's Hound (Hound, Blindga)
Name Job Position
Dagourmarche DRG, BST, SMN (G-9)
Goublefaupe WAR+PLD+RDM (I-7)
Mildaunegeux MNK, THF, NIN (H-10)
Quiebitiel WHM+BLM+BRD (H-8)
Velosareon RNG, SAM, DRK (J-8)


  • Quadav/Hydra are True Hearing, all other monsters are True Sight.
  • All Hydra mobs are immune to Sleep and Lullaby, however their pets are susceptible to Lullaby.
  • The four "Dynamis XXX" statues listed are tied to one of the dragons Angra Mainyu summons. Killing the corresponding stones will stop the dragons from respawning when Angra Mainyu warps.
    • Dynamis Tombstone: Removes the ability to resummon Fire Pukis.
    • Dynamis Icon: Removes the ability to resummon Wind Pukis.
    • Dynamis Effigy: Removes the ability to resummon Petro Pukis.
    • Dynamis Statue: Removes the ability to resummon Poison Pukis.
  • These statues spawn 4 NMs of the race they represent. Additional NMs are spawned by surrounding stones which can be difficult to pull without linking.
  • Due to the time it takes to kill these and the statues themselves and also the relative ease with which Angra Mainyu can be killed, this is usually skipped when going for the clear. The four dragons are then kited a long distance before engaging Angra Mainyu.

Game Script

Beaucedine Glacier

Cornelia: I have been waiting for you. Do you remember the last words Raogrimm spoke to you? "The link will soon be severed"... Do you understand the significance of these words? When the soul that was divided is whole once again, towering rage will take on physical form... Yes, a new Shadow Lord will be born. Even I will no longer hear his voice. Even now, I can barely feel the emanations of Raogrimm's faltering spirit. When those emanations fade completely, he will be... The Xarcabard of that other realm is shrouded in a vast darkness, preventing contact from the outside. Even those of us without material bodies are unable to penetrate that mist of eternal night. Until that mist clears, I cannot guide you to Xarcabard. The next place you must venture is the twin of Vana'diel's Beaucedine. There you will find the last trophy to complete the set of keys we need. You must obtain the last trophy. All five trophies combined with our power will create a synergistic force, allowing us to part the shroud for a few precious moments. It will open a path between worlds. Take care, my brave adventurer. May the blessings of Altana guide and protect you...