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  Trail Markings:   Southern San d'Oria (L-5)
  Requirements:   Vial of Shrouded Sand
  • Level 65 or higher.
  • Completion of Mission 5-2 for your nation.
  Boss:   Overlord's Tombstone
  Title:   Dynamis-San d'Oria Interloper
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Key Item: Hydra Corps Command Scepter


  Ancient Currency:   Ordelle Bronzepiece
  Montiont Silverpiece
  Items:   Fresh Orc Liver
  Griffon Hide
  Giant Frozen Head
  Gold Beastcoin
  Infinity Core
  Mythril Beastcoin
  Relic Iron
  Sparkling Stone
  Wootz Ore
  Relic Weapons:   Ihintanto (NIN)
  Relic Bhuj (WAR)
  Relic Gun (RNG)
  Relic Lance (DRG)
  Relic Armor:   Bard's Roundlet (BRD)
  Cleric's Cap (WHM)
  Duelist's Boots (RDM)
  Koga Hakama (NIN)
  Melee Hose (MNK)
  Monster Trousers (BST)
  Scout's Braccae (RNG)
  Summoner's Pigaches (SMN)
  Valor Gauntlets (PLD)
  Warrior's Calligae (WAR)
  Wyrm Greaves (DRG)

Monsters Found Here

Name Job Notes
Serjeant Tombstone
Warchief Tombstone
Vanguard Amputator White Mage
Vanguard's Avatar
Vanguard Backstabber Ninja
Vanguard Bugler Bard
Vanguard Dollmaster Summoner
Vanguard Footsoldier Warrior
Vanguard Grappler Monk
Vanguard Gutslasher Samurai
Vanguard Hawker Beastmaster
Vanguard's Hecteyes Dispelga
Vanguard Impaler Dragoon
Vanguard Mesmerizer Black Mage
Vanguard Neckchopper Dark Knight
Vanguard Pillager Thief
Vanguard Predator Ranger
Vanguard Trooper Paladin
Vanguard Vexer Red Mage
Battlechoir Gitchfotch Bard NM
Soulsender Fugbrag Bard NM
Voidstreaker Butchnotch Ninja NM
Reapertongue Gadgquok Summoner NM - Boss Trigger for Overlord's Tombstone
Wyrmgnasher Bjakdek Dragoon NM - Boss Trigger for Overlord's Tombstone
Overlord's Tombstone Boss
All monsters have True Sight and Link

Orc NMs in Dynamis have an additional TP attack:

  • Fanatic Dance: 10' AoE Charm DO NOT MELEE to avoid this.

Game Script

Southern San d'Oria

Francmage: I never believed that my indifference to the state of other nations would cause harm to my beloved San d'Oria... As part of my penance, I will infuse the Timeless Hourglass with what guidance I can.