The Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza!

  • Is everyone enjoying the warm days? Even the carrion worms are wiggling out of their earthen homes to enjoy a little sun! That must mean that it's nearly time once again for the egg-citing Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza!
  • The rules are simple. Just collect "initial eggs" and trade them with your friends for different "combinations" ! Each egg has a letter inscribed on it. Your goal is to mix and match these letters to spell out certain words.
  • Rumor has it that a Windurstian hermit designed the game to repair his relationship with the Parliament of Patriarchs, which was very stern at the time...
  • Well, the truth of the rumor is debatable, but the fact remains that the egg hunt, which seems to be a simple game at first, actually requires the keen insight, negotiation skills, and far-reaching personal connections that are said to be necessary for a job at the Parliament of Patriarchs.
  • So get together with your fellow aspiring members of parliament (or adventurers) and gather the eggs for that perfect combination!

How to Play

  • Start by collecting Initial Eggs, each inscribed with a letter.
  • The easiest way to do this is by speaking to one of the festival moogles in each area where the event is held, but you can only collect one egg each day using this method. If you are in a party when you speak with the moogle, you will have the opportunity to select the type of egg you want based on the initials of your party's other members.
  • You can collect even more initial eggs by trading other types of eggs you may have on hand to any of the moogles in the three nations. Just remember that these egg exchanges are also limited to one per day (per nation). How many initial eggs you receive varies depending on the quantities and varieties of eggs you trade, so if you are not happy with what you get once, keep trying!
  • Once you've collected enough eggs, start exchanging with other adventurers and try making a "combination." The most basic one is called a "First 3." When you have the three initial eggs necessary for this combo, trade them to one of the moogles and collect your prize!
  • After a "First 3," try building an "Initial Straight 8" or a "7 of a Kind." The more you make, the more presents you'll take home!
  • Don't forget that you'll have to trade in a "First 3" before you can trade in any other combos. Think of it as a sort of preliminary test!
  • And for those of you who are looking for a real challenge, try discovering different, more exotic combinations. The moogles are usually reluctant to give out any of their classified information, but maybe if you are persistent enough, one will let you in on a secret or two! Make it a point to talk to them as often as possible!
  • Please note that all "new adventurers" will be required to wait one Vana'diel day before being eligible to receive initial eggs.

Event Locations

Southern San d'Oria
Northern San d'Oria
Bastok Mines
Bastok Markets
Windurst Woods
Windurst Waters

Festival Duration

  • The Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza will begin at 17:00 on April 6th, and last until 0:00 on April 17th (PDT).

Probable Rewards

Event Walkthrough

Collecting Eggs

  • You may collect one free event egg from the Moogle per Vana'diel day.
  • Usually the letter you receive is random. However, if you are partied with one or more other people, you will be able to choose your letter from among the first letters of each party members' name.
  • You may collect bonus eggs per day by trading regular eggs to the Moogle.
    • You may get one bonus event egg randomly by trading any of the following to the Moogle:
      1. 12 Bird Eggs
      2. 12 Soft-Boiled Eggs
      3. 6 Lizard Eggs
      4. 1 Colored Egg
    • You may get two bonus event eggs (same letters) by trading the following:
      1. 1 Party Egg (HQ of colored egg)
    • You may get three bonus event eggs (same letters) by trading the following:
      1. 1 Lucky Egg (Rare drop from some Crawlers)
  • You may also collect eggs through the various HELM activities: Harvesting, Mining, Logging, and Excavating.


Before getting any of the reward eggs for the event, you must first complete the "First Three."

First Three

  • The "First Three" is the first three letters of your name.
  • Thus, if your name was Moogle, you would trade an 'M', an 'O' and an 'O' to complete the "First Three."

Reward - Chocobo Tickets or a colored drop
Repeatable - Yes

Once you have completed the "First Three," you may do any of the following combinations.

Seven of a Kind

  • "Seven of a Kind" is seven eggs of the exact same letter.
  • Thus, any seven eggs of the exact same letter ("A"x7...."Z"x7) are acceptable.

Reward - Fortune Egg
Repeatable - No, if you currently already have a Fortune Egg.

Initial Straight Eight

  • "Initial Straight Eight" is eight consecutive letters of the alphabet starting with the first letter of your name.
  • Thus, if your name was Moogle, you would need an 'M', 'N', 'O', 'P', 'Q', 'R', 'S' and 'T'.
  • If you name starts with "Y", you would need 'Y', 'Z', 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D','E' and 'F'

Reward - Happy Egg
Repeatable - No, if you currently already have a Happy Egg.

National Eggs

  • There are three different furniture eggs, one representing each nation. These may be place in your Mog House layout.
  • To obtain these eggs, trade eggs corresponding to the first five letters of a region that is currently controlled by the nation whose egg you want.
  • Thus, if you want the egg representing Bastok, and Bastok currently controls the Gustaberg region, you would need to trade the letters 'G', 'U', 'S', 'T' and 'A'.


Repeatable - Yes, as long as you do not have all three furniture eggs yet.

Orphic Egg

  • New this year is the Orphic Egg.
  • The Orphic Egg is obtained by trading letters corresponding to the element for the day.
    • Fire will work on Firesday.
    • Air will work on Windsday.
    • Light will work on Lightsday.

Reward - Orphic Egg
Repeatable - No, if you currently already have the Orphic Egg.

Other Rewards

  • Trading the first five letters for a Beastman controlled region will get you a Beastman Costume.
  • Trading the letters for "Orphic" will get you a Beastman Costume.
  • Trading the incorrect element for the day (I.E. Light on Windsday) will get you a colored drop that matches the element you traded, unless you already have one, then you will get nothing.

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