Elemental Debuffs are harmful status effects that deal damage over time and lower abilities until they wears off or are removed. Afflicted characters receive damage over time and a reduction to one primary stat (i.e. Strength) dependant on the element of the spell. A target can be afflicted with as many as 3 elemental debuffs at once, provided that their elements don't conflict: for example, Burn and Choke can coexist because Fire and Wind don't interact with one another, but Rasp and Shock cannot, because Earth trumps Lightning.

The damage over time as well as the stat down effect of an elemental debuff is dependant on the caster's intelligence. Damage dealt by the elemental debuff effect will wake characters under the effect of sleep.

It is currently unknown whether or not it is possible for a player to achieve 6hp/tic damage at some point far beyond 150 INT, however mobs that inflict elemental debuffs are capable of causing damage and stat reductions far in excess of those listed above.

The Basics:

  • Drown Lowers STR (Fire) - Lowers target's melee damage
  • Burn Lowers INT (Ice) - Target's offensive magic spells do less damage, damage from black magic increases
  • Frost Lowers AGI (Wind) - Target's evasion, shield block rate, and ranged accuracy decrease
  • Choke Lowers VIT (Earth) - Target's defense is reduced
  • Rasp Lowers DEX (Lightning) - Lowers target's accuracy and chance of critical attacks
  • Shock Lowers MND (Water) - MND-based debuffs hit more often and last longer

  • 1 - 39 INT = 1hp/tic (-5 stat)
  • 40 - 69 INT = 2hp/tic (-7 stat)
  • 70 - 99 INT = 3hp/tic (-9 stat)
  • 100 - 149 INT = 4hp/tic (-11 stat)
  • 150 - ??? INT = 5hp/tic (-13 stat)

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How to remove the effect

  • The White Magic spell Erase will remove this effect.
  • An elemental debuff will overwrite elemental debuffs of the element to which it is dominant. For example, Shock, a lightning debuff, will overwrite Drown, a water debuff.
  • On the other hand, a target which is afflicted by an elemental debuff is immune to the elemental debuff of the element to which the former is dominant. For example, casting Drown on a target already afflicted with Shock will have no effect.

How the effect is inflicted


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