Job Trait

  • Game Description: Copies beneficial Status Effects to wyvern when using Spirit Link
  • Job Traits are always active.
  • Empathy level 1 will allow you to transfer one buff to your wyvern at a time. Each subsequent level of Empathy transfers an additional buff at a time when Spirit Link is used.
  • Each merit you put into this will make Spirit Link copy one more buff.
  • Buffs copied are in order from left to right along the top of your screen.
  • Duration of copied buffs are the same as time left of that buff on the user. (When the buff wears off on you, it will wear off on the wyvern also.)
  • Empathy lets you use Spirit Link even if your wyvern has 100% HP.
  • If your wyvern has 100% HP upon using Spirit Link, none of your own HP is lost.


Obtained: Dragoon Level 75 Merit Group 2

  • Merit Point Cost: 3 > 4 > 5
  • Maxed Level: 3

Currently known buffs



Equipment that Enhances this Trait

  • N/A

Food that Enhances this Trait

  • N/A
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