Enfeebling magic encompasses spells that hamper players and mobs by imposing negative Status Effects or ailments when cast on the target.

Effects range from Damage Over Time, to lowering an attribute, to hindering movement or actions.

Enfeebling Magic Skill is the skill base from which Enfeebling Magic derives. It is most synonymous and most importantly relational to the resistance rate of all attack spells therein. In short, Enfeebling Magic Skill is the largest factor which determines if an Enfeebling Magic Spell is resisted or not.

Enfeebling Magic also helps defend against spell interruptions for any spells in its category.

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
Red Mage A+ 6 114 276
Black Mage C+ 5 105 230
Dark Knight C 5 105 225
White Mage C 5 105 225

See: Combat Skills for more Skill information.

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