Some items provide the ability: Enhances effects of rice balls
To activate the enhanced effect, you need to be under the rice ball food effect and be wearing the items. There are 6 varietes of cooked rice balls included in the game so far, plus a NPC Fellow rice ball. Wearing two items with the same ability doubles the effect. The tables below list the food and the items with the ability.

Rice Balls
Rice Ball Food Effect Additional "Enhanced" Food Effect with Ability
Shogun Rice Ball
Tonosama Rice Ball
Naval Rice Ball
Salmon Rice Ball
Rogue Rice Ball
Rice Ball
Homemade Rice Ball
  • ???
Ability Items
Job Level Slot Name
SAM 56 Hands Myochin Kote
SAM 74 Hands Myochin kote +1
All 73 Head Roshi Jinpachi
All 73 Head Roshi Jinpachi +1
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