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Enspell is a beneficial status effect that enchants the player's weapon with pure elemental energy until it wears off or is removed. Benefitting characters gain Additional Effect: (Element) damage which triggers on every hit. The element of the damage depends on the spell or ability that granted the effect.

The additional effect deals elemental magic damage for each regular hit. Although en-spells do a very small amount of damage per hit, the overhead damage they add to a weapon can significantly alter the damage per second of a weapon.

  • The damage inflicted is magic damage however it can not be resisted.
  • The damage an en-spell does per hit depends on the Enhancing Magic of the caster as well as the in-game day and weather when the spell was cast.
  • An en-spell additional effect will occur for every regular melee hit. This does include multi-hit weapons like Joyeuse and Kraken Club.

How to remove the effect

  • This effect can be dispelled.
  • This effect is removed upon zoning to another area.
  • This effect can be removed manually.
  • Casting a spell which gives a different enspell effect will replace this effect with the new one.

How the effect is inflicted/gained


Job Ability

Equipment that Enhances this Effect

Level Name Type Enhancement(s)
40 Buzzard Tuck Sword Sword enhancement spell damage +2
Sword enhancement spell duration +5
50 Fencer's Ring Ring Sword enhancement spell damage +5
68 Enhancing Sword Sword Sword enhancement spell damage +5
72 Hollow Earring Earring Sword enhancement spell damage +3

Enchanted Weapons

Information Needed

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