Start NPC:   Magriffon - Kazham (I-7)
  Kazham Reputation 7
  Items Needed:   25 000 gil
  Key Item: Treasure Map
  Title:   Even More Gullible's Travels
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Rafflesia Nectar
  Previous Quest:   Gullible's Travels
  Next Quest:   The Opo-opo and I


  • Talk to Magriffon.
  • Trade him the amount of gil he asks for. He will give you the Key Item: Treasure Map.
  • It will direct you to three places in Yuhtunga Jungle: (F-7) (H-10) and (I-12).
  • If you go to each spot, you will find a Blue Rafflesia. If you examine them all, you will receive a total 3 jars of Rafflesia Nectar.
  • After clicking on the final plant, you are told that the pollen makes you dizzy.
  • Talk to Magriffon to complete the quest.


  • After this quest, people will be repulsed by your stench, but Opo-opos will like it.
  • If you talk to people around town, you will learn that Gatih Mijurabi in M&P's Market can help. She will start the quest Personal Hygiene. However, it is recommended that this quest is completed after The Opo-opo and I.
  • You must zone after completing Gullible's Travels before you can start this quest.

Game Description

Client: Magriffon (Kazham)

Magriffon has spent all of his (your?) money to save a maiden in distress. Now he needs someone to save him (again) from getting kicked out of the bed & breakfast before he has completed his "top-secret" mission.
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