The Item Depository is a service that allows certain items, mostly special event reward items, to be stored with NPCs located in the major cities.

To store an item, simply trade the item to the NPC. The NPC will only accept one item at a time. It costs nothing to store and item, but retrieving an item requires a fee of 250 gil.

To retrieve your item, talk to the NPC and select the item from within the presented categories. Items can be stored at one NPC and retrieved from another.

Unlike with the Armor Depository, you will not receive a key item for the items traded.

Item Depository NPC Location
Garridan Port Jeuno (J-8)
Olaky-Yayulaky Windurst Waters, North (F-8)
Poudoruchant Southern San d'Oria (F-8)
Gallagher Port Bastok (I-11)
Jarafah Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-9)


  • Items from recent events may not be able to be stored immediately.
  • Not all event items can be stored, such as items with limited charges.
  • The NPC will only accept one of each item per character.
  • Items that are signed will lose their signature.
  • The recast time for enchanted items will be reset to the maximum level upon withdrawal.
  • Items that are race or gender specific may only be stored by players of that race or gender.
  • Items in the "Swimwear" column below are actually part of the "Armor - Body, Legs, Feet" section when talking with the Item Depository NPC.

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Weapons and Shields

Armor - Head

Armor - Body, Legs, Feet

Adamantoise Statue Custom Gilet Battledore Chocobo Beret Dinner Hose
Adventuring Certificate Custom Gilet +1 Charm Wand +1 Coven Hat Dinner Jacket
Aeolsglocke Custom Trunks Chocobo Wand Dream Hat Dream Boots
Aldebaran Horn Custom Trunks +1 Dream Bell Dream Hat +1 Dream Boots +1
Alexander Statue Custom Top Dream Bell +1 Egg Helm Dream Robe
Blue Bamboo Grass Custom Top +1 Hardwood Katana Guide Beret Dream Robe +1
Bastokan Flag Custom Shorts Ibushi Shinai Horror Head Eerie Cloak
Bastokan Tree Custom Shorts +1 Ibushi Shinai +1 Horror Head II Eerie Cloak +1
Behemoth Statue Elder Gilet Lotus Katana Lunar Cap Lord's Yukata
Bomb Lantern Elder Gilet +1 Miracle Wand +1 Mandragora Beret Lady's Yukata
Bonbori Elder Trunks Moogle Rod Moogle Cap Onago Yukata
Calabazilla Lantern Elder Trunks +1 Nomad Moogle Shield Nomad Cap Onnagimi Yukata
Carillon Vermeil Elvaan Gilet Pitchfork Pumpkin Head Onnagusa Yukata
Clockwork Egg Elvaan Gilet +1 Pitchfork +1 Pumpkin Head II Onoko Yukata
Copy of "Hoary Spire" Elvaan Trunks Shinai Redeyes Omina Yukata
Cushaw Lantern Elvaan Trunks +1 Town Moogle Shield Sol Cap Ominaeshi Yukata
Djinn Pricket Elvaan Top Treat Staff Snow Bunny Hat +1 Otoko Yukata
Dream Coffer Elvaan Top +1 Treat Staff II Sprout Beret Otokoeshi Yukata
Dream Platter Elvaan Shorts Trick Staff Witch Hat Otokogimi Yukata
Dream Stocking Elvaan Shorts +1 Wooden Katana Otokogusa Yukata
Egg Buffet Tidal Talisman



Fafnir Statue Galka Gilet
Festival Dolls Galka Gilet +1
Flower Egg Galka Trunks
Green Bamboo Grass Galka Trunks +1
Harpsichord Hume Gilet
Hatchling Egg Hume Gilet +1
Jack-o'-Pricket Hume Trunks
Jeunoan Tree Hume Trunks +1
Jeweled Egg Hume Top
Kabuto-kazari Hume Top +1
Kadomatsu Hume Shorts
Katana-kazari Hume Shorts +1
Korrigan Pricket Magna Gilet
Lamp Egg Magna Gilet +1
Leafbell Magna Trunks
Mandragora Lantern Magna Trunks +1
Mandragora Pricket Magna Top
Melodious Egg Magna Top +1
Miniature Airship Magna Shorts
Odin Statue Magna Shorts +1
Pepo Lantern Mithra Top
Pumpkin Lantern Mithra Top +1
Red Bamboo Grass Mithra Shorts
San d'Orian Flag Mithra Shorts +1
San d'Orian Tree Savage Top
Shadow Lord Statue Savage Top +1
Snowman Knight Savage Shorts
Snowman Mage Savage Shorts +1
Snowman Miner Tarutaru Maillot
Stuffed Chocobo Tarutaru Maillot +1
Timepiece Tarutaru Trunks
Windurstian Flag Tarutaru Trunks +1
Windurstian Tree Tarutaru Top
Wing Egg Tarutaru Top +1
Tarutaru Shorts
Tarutaru Shorts +1
Wonder Maillot
Wonder Maillot +1
Wonder Trunks
Wonder Trunks +1
Wonder Tops
Wonder Top +1
Wonder Shorts
Wonder Shorts +1
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