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Welcome to Eden! If you have any questions about the server then you can hopefully find your answers here. If not, please feel free to join the server's discord channel and ask your questions there. We have many active players who will be more than happy to help.

The Server

Does Eden have a website?

Does Eden have a discord server?

What era of FFXI is Eden set in?

Is all of the content implemented?

  • While Eden has a lot of content, it is not yet complete. The majority of the Base Game/CoP/Zilart content has been implemented. Please see this page for an up to date list of available ToAU content.

Is Eden 100% true to era?

  • The vision of Eden is to be as close as possible, however, the nature of private servers make this difficult. There are some custom changes and these can be found here.

Does Eden plan to move into the Wings of the Goddess (WoTG) expansion?

  • There are no plans for Eden to implement any WoTG content. Due to the nature of how content was released, some ToAU content was released during the WoTG era. Eden plans to implement all of the content that is regarded as ToAU content, regardless of when it was released.

Are the any rules I need to abide by when playing on Eden?

  • Yes there is and these can be found on the discord in the 'Eden Rules' channel.

Can I use third party software such as Ashita/Windower and their addons/plugins?

  • Yes you can. Allowed and disallowed addons/plugins can again be found in the 'Eden Rules' channel, on the discord.

Is dual-boxing allowed?

  • Dual-boxing IS allowed. Quoted from the rules "Each player is only allowed to have 2 characters logged in and active, with an additional third character confined to a city and idle. This character may only be used to bazaar or mule items while your other characters are logged in."

When is maintenance and will there be an announcement beforehand?

  • Maintenance is announced on the Eden discord, usually with at least several days notice. Updates usually take place on Mondays, however, the development team are all volunteers and ultimately can choose any day to update on. Currently there are around 2-3 updates per calendar month.


How do I install Eden?

  • There are two ways you can download and install Eden: via the discord or the website. I recommend you use the discord as it comes with a great community made installation guide.

I'm having trouble getting set-up. Is there a place I can ask for help?

  • Yes there is. You can ask your tech-support questions on the discord in the 'tech-support' channel.


Why can't I log in?

  • There could be multiple reasons but the first thing to try is to close all game windows and wait at least 5 min before attempting to log back in. The server may think that you're logged in and sometimes it needs time to realise you are not. If this does not resolve your issue, please refer to the troubleshooting page. If you're still having problems, feel free to ask in the 'Tech-Support' channel on the discord.

How do I setup a gamepad?

  • Gamepads can be set up in PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\ToolsUS

I dual-box and use a gamepad, is there a way to switch between my characters that isn't 'Alt-tab'?

  • What you need is a neat little program called 'Switchmon'. If you need some help to set it up, please ask in the discord 'tech-support' channel.

In-Game Support

How many characters can I make?

  • You can create as many as you like but must always follow the '2 in the field, 1 in town rule'. Check out the 'Eden Rules' discord channel for more information.

Can I delete a character?

  • Yes you can.

I'm stuck! and have no way to escape, how do i become unstuck?

  • Type !unstuck in-game. This command will freeze your character for 20 minutes (to prevent this being abused as a free warp) and then you will be warped out. If this does not work, place a GM call.

How do I submit a GM ticket?

  • Help Desk > Help Desk > I can't move > Other > I would like to call a GM

Is a friends list available?

  • Sadly not at this time.

I am having an issue with another player, how do I report it.

  • If its just annoying, you can add their name to your in-game blacklist. If the issue is more serious, you can submit a GM ticket. If it's with a player on discord, send a DM to Rude or Juul. You can also block that player.

I suspect a player of cheating, how do I report it?

  • Submit a GM ticket and include as much detail as possible. Please do not talk about the player in either the forums or Discord.

I think i've found an in-game bug, how do i report it?

  • First of all you can check out the servers github and see if the issue has already been reported. If it hasn't, check the pinned messages in the 'Tech-Support' channel on the discord. Here you will find instructions on what to do.

Playing on Eden

How far does /yell go?

  • Yell is server wide.

Is there a time limit between /yells?

  • Yes, 15 minutes.

The yell spam is annoying, can I turn it off?

  • You may turn it off by using the in-game command '!yells off'. It can be turned back on by using '!yells on'.

Can I sell more than 7 items on the Auction House?

  • You can sell as many items as you wish, however, due to client limitations (the game is really old), you can only view the first 7 items that you listed for sale. If you have 8 items for sale, the 8th becomes visible when one of the first 7 is either sold or returned to your delivery box. The 9th when the second sells, so on and so forth.

Why can't I sell any more items?

  • It's likely that you have checked your 'Sales Status'. There is a client bug in which the game will prevent you from selling any more items after doing this. Changing zones should fix this issue.

Why does it show 7 CP for an Instant Reraise and 10 CP for an Instant Warp but take out WAY more?

  • Correct era values are 500 CP for an Instant Reraise and 750 CP for an Instant Warp. The reason it shows 7 and 10 is because those particular .dats need to be modded.

Is gear leveled down when I use level sync?

  • No, you will need level equivalent gear for whatever level you sync to.

I unlocked an outpost, why can't I teleport to it?

  • Certain outpost have level limits in order to teleport to them. Look up Outpost Teleportation to see the level requirements.

Is there an updated list of available NMs on Eden?

  • Heck yes! Aiko created an awesome guide which can be found here! Most NM's have been added on Eden and it's very likely that all of them are now in. Verification Needed

My group wiped in Dynamis and it removed us from the zone, what do I do?

  • Place a GM call and wait patiently.