Start NPC:   Hishahma - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (K-8)
  Items Needed:   
  Repeatable:   Once per Conquest cycle
  Reward:   200 Imperial Standing, ??? Box

  Previous Quest:   
  Next Quest:    The Art of War


  • Talk to Hishahma for a cutscene.
    • You must choose a beastman type to investigate.
    • You are to report two of the beastman's weaknesses.
  • Pop the appropriate NM and fight it to see what its weaknesses are.
    • Weaknesses change weekly. When you fight the mob, if it gets intimidated, that's a weakness.
    • Apparently, you and everyone in your party with the quest active will only get that one opportunity to discover both of its weaknesses; zoning or waiting doesn't allow any of you to repop the NM.
  • Return to Hishahma and report the weaknesses you found.
  • Talk to Hishahma again after JST midnight and zoning for your reward.

1. Lamia: You are asked to investigate the Lamiae in the boggy marshes of Caedarva Mire

  • Check a ??? in (I-7) to spawn the NM Lamia Deathdancer (COR).
  • Possible weaknesses:
    • a certain weaponskill.
    • a WS from a certain angle.
    • a certain element.
    • a certain sound. (check targetable Peculiar Plants nearby for a sound)
    • their low strength. (intimidated by melee attacks).
  • Possible ??? Box Rewards

2. Troll: You are asked to investigate the Trolls along the eastern coast of Mount Zhayolm.

3. Mamool Ja: You are asked to investigate the Mamool Ja in Wajaom Woodlands near the arch at the Southwest section of the area.

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Game Description

Client: Hishahma (Way of the Devout, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)

Journey to the lands where dangerous monsters reside and investigate their weak points. According to previous research, each type of monster should possess two weak points.
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