Want to be a wonderfularu fisherman of Vana'diel? Join the guild here by speaking to NPC Thubu Parohren (C-8) and dedicating your life to the wide open sea!

Location: Port Windurst (C-8)

Shop type: NPC - Fishing Guild


Name Items Sold Price Nation Conquest
Babubu (C-8) Guild NPC: Shop Hours (Vana'diel) 3:00-18:00 Bamboo Fishing Rod 332 <required conquest rank>
Bastore Bream 4,050 <required conquest rank>
Bastore Sardine 49-153 <required conquest rank>
Black Sole 5,250 <required conquest rank>
Bluetail 1,350 - 1,593 <required conquest rank>
Clothespole 1,980 <required conquest rank>
Cobalt Jellyfish 89-134 <required conquest rank>
Crayfish 30 <required conquest rank>
Crayfish Ball 56-70 <required conquest rank>


Name Purpose

Starts Quests: One Good Deed?

Erabu-Fumulubu Fishing Support
Fennella Guildworker's Union Representative
Degong Fishing Support
Thubu Parohren Guild Master
Panja-Nanja Advanced Fishing Support

Starts Quests: Something Fishy

Mhe Quryobhi
Laughing Lizard Adventurer's Assistant
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