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  Start NPC:   Ferchinne - Tavnazian Safehold (G-9)
  Items Needed:   Hippogryph Tailfeather x 2
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Mistmelt
  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   None


Must be on the Promathia Mission 4-2: The Savage

Special Attacks

Special Abilities
Fantod: Boost.
Jettatura: Single-target Terror. Passes shadows but does not remove them.
Nihility Song: Area effect Dispel, 1 buff.
Choke Breath: Paralyze, Silence, and damage. Blocked by 3 shadows.
Back Heel: Physical damage. Blocked by 1 shadow.
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Note: Normal attacks have the added effect of Weight.

Game Description

Client: Ferchinne (Tributary, Tavnazian Safehold)

"A noble bird that walks on four legs. A proud beast that has the wings of an eagle." No, this is not a riddle; it is a description of the beast from which you must retrieve two tailfeathers.