Mission Name:   Full Moon Fountain
  Start NPC:   Any Windurst Gate Guard
  Requirements:   Mission: 5-2
  Over 1/4 of rank bar filled
  Suggested Level:   
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Rank points
  Previous Mission:   The Shadow Awaits
  Next Mission:   Saintly Invitation
  Replay Cutscene   
  Full Moon Fountain   Tonule Port Windurst (B-5)
  Full Moon Fountain   Goblin Footprint Full Moon Fountain


  • Once you have defeated them, examine the door.
    • You do not need to defeat all the Jacks. It is possible to pull 1, sleep it and wait for the others to despawn before killing the selected Jack. Don't forget to sneak up before examining the door.
    • If you defeat the one Jack you pulled before the other 3 despawn, you will not receive the cut scene when you examine the door (tested 5/17/07 by a party on Lakshmi).
    • They are aggressive to Magic, so pulling in that manner will result in all four attacking.
    • These Cardians do not link.
  • [Optional]Head back to the Orastery where Hakkuru-Rinkuru will tell you that Ajido-Marujido now wants you to head to the central tower of the Horutoto Ruins.
  • Head to Full Moon Fountain for a cutscene. There are 2 paths to Full Moon Fountain:
    • Starting from J-7 tower in East Sarutabaruta, zone into Inner Horutoto Ruins.
      • Cracked wall at G-8
      • Magic Gate of Horutoto at E-10
      • Cracked Wall at D-10
      • Sealed Portal at H-9 (Portal Charm or WHM,BLM & RDM required for access)
      • Through false wall at H-8
      • Toraimarai Canal door at H-6 & zone into Toraimarai Canal
      • Cross bridge at H-6
      • Hug right wall all the way to Large Stone Door at F-8
      • Zone at G-7 to Full Moon Fountain
    • Starting from Priming Gate at H-3 of Windurst Walls, zone into Toraimarai Canal (Rhinostery Certificate is required for access):
      • Down stairs at I-8 & head east
      • Head west at I-10
      • Up stairs at H-10
      • Down stairs at F-8 & turn north then west to 1st map
      • Up stairs at J-9
      • Cross bridge at I-8 & turn left
      • Hug right wall all the way to Large Stone Door at F-8
      • Zone at G-7 to Full Moon Fountain
  • After the cutscene, the mission is complete.

Game Description

Mission Orders
At the request of the Orastery, you are to go to the southwestern magic tower of the Horutoto Ruins, located in West Sarutabaruta. Deep within you will find a laboratory, where you are ordered to switch on the magical gizmo.
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