When placed in your Mog House, certain pieces of furniture can trigger hidden quests. Certain reputation and residence requirements must be met before these quests can be activated. The quests can be active quests, such as those that increase mog safe capacity, or passive quests, such as those that just give you an item. Here's how the quest activation works, and its limitations:

  • The furniture in question must be placed in the layout of your moghouse. Speak to your moogle and choose "Layout" to place furniture stored in your Mog Safe.
  • Certain quests require reputation before they can be activated; This refers to reputation in your home nation.
  • Your residence must be set to your home nation at least 24 hours before the next conquest tally. If your moogle isn't at home, he can't rummage through, or become familiar enough with your furniture to discover things.
  • If all of these requirements are met, you should receive the quest by talking to your moogle in your moghouse, in your home nation, after the conquest tally. Remember, you must talk to your moogle, not just selecting "Moghouse" from the menu.
  • Only one "furniture quest" can be activated at a time. If you have multiple pieces of furniture that activate quests placed in your layout, only one will be activated after the conquest tally. You must either remove the other quest furniture, or wait another week for the other furniture quests to activate.
  • Changing your residence (e.g. moving your residence to Jeuno or Aht Urhgan Whitegate) may reset the time your moogle spends with your furniture, so be sure to move him back to your home nation well before the conquest update.
  • If your nation places last in the conquest, some furniture quests may not activate.

Here is a list of furniture that will either activate quests, or give you items. To reiterate, you can only activate one quest or receive one reward from a furniture quest per conquest tally, so plan appropriately. As more furniture quests are found, they will be added to the list.

Furniture Requirement Quest Reward
Armoire Reputation 7 N/A Scroll of Protect IV
Bastokan Holiday Tree ?? Starlight Celebration Dream Hat +1
Beverage Barrel Frequency dependent on national rank. N/A Grape Juice
Bronze Bed Reputation 3 Give a Moogle a Break Increases Mog Safe capacity to 60
Bureau ?? N/A Scroll of Protectra IV
Cupboard Reputation 5 Unexpected Treasure 12,000 gil
Dream Coffer Reputation 1 N/A Gateau aux Fraises & Candy Ring
Dream Platter Reputation 1 N/A Buche au Chocolat & Roast Turkey
Dream Stocking Reputation 1 N/A Candy Cane & Black Pudding
Desk ?? N/A Hi-Potion
Mahogany Bed Reputation 5 The Moogle's Picnic! Increases Mog Safe capacity to 70
Noble's Bed Reputation 7 Moogles in the Wild Increases Mog Safe capacity to 80
Oak Bed ?? N/A Ether
San d'Orian Tree ?? Starlight Celebration Dream Hat +1
Simple Bed Reputation 3 N/A Iron Ore x 4
Stationery Set Reputation 2? N/A Scroll of Scop's Operetta
Tarutaru Desk ?? N/A Hi-Potion
White Jar Reputation 2? N/A Paralyze Potion
Wicker Box ?? N/A Horn Quiver
Windurstian Tree ?? Starlight Celebration Dream Hat +1
Yellow Jar ?? N/A Paralyze Potion
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