Certain monster abilities require the target to be looking at them to be effective.

Detrimental effects from these abilities can be avoided by facing away from the mob.

Some of these abilities can be used by Blue Mages as blue magic. While the target mob must be facing the BLU for the spell to be effective, the BLU does not have to be facing the mob.

Monster Gaze Attacks

Species Attack Effect
Lizards Baleful Gaze Target is petrified
Hecteyes Hex Eye Target is paralyzed
Hecteyes Petrogaze Target is petrified
Dhalmel Cold Stare Targets within a fan-shaped area are silenced.
Cockatrice Baleful Gaze Target is petrified
Goobbues Blank Gaze Target is paralyzed
Opo-opos Blank Gaze One beneficial status effect of the target is dispelled.
Tonberries Light of Penance TP drain, Blind and Bind on 1 target.
Coeurls Chaotic Eye Target is silenced
Apkallu Yawn All characters within 10' facing the caster are afflicted with Sleep.
Bugards Awful Eye Lowers Strength of targets within a fan-shaped area.
Hippogryphs Jettatura Targets within a fan-shaped area are frozen with fear.
Lamiae Hypnotic Sway Single-target amnesia.
Tauri Mortal Ray Single-target doom.
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