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This is the standard currency of Vana'diel. It is obtained in a number of ways:

  • The most common way to obtain gil is by selling unwanted/unneeded items at the Auction House. See Farming.
  • Similarly you can put items up for sale in your Bazaar, or you can simply trade items to other players for a mutually agreed upon price.
  • Some players sell services, such as teleport, to other players in exchange for gil.
  • Dropped by beastmen (including enemies such as Fomors and qutrub) when they are defeated. Amount dropped increases with the level of the enemy. It is usually a relatively small amount.
  • Dropped by some NMs throughout the game. They have the potential to drop pretty decent amounts.
  • Treasure chests and coffers may contain gil upon being opened. Amount tends to increase based upon the level of the area it is found in.
  • Thieves can Mug beastmen and some NMs for gil. Typically Mug yields insignificant amounts, although some NMs can potentially give a good few thousand. Once again, the higher the monster's level, the higher the possible amount you can Mug.
  • BCNMs will have a gil reward when defeated, as will ENMs and some other battles of that type.
  • Some Quests and Missions have gil rewards. Missions can give very good gil rewards when you reach the higher ranks for the three main cities.
  • Merchants will buy most items from you. This tends to be a very poor source of gil, although some "junk" items and other things can sometimes be sold to a merchant for as much or more than the Auction House.
  • You start the game with 10 gil.

Once you have gil there are a number of useful ways to spend it:

  • Buy needed items at the Auction House.
  • Buy items from other players' Bazaars.
  • Buy services from other players.
  • Buy items from NPC shops.

Vana'diel has a thriving economy which can be subject to inflation and deflation just as real life economies can.

Abbreviations: g = 1 gil, k = 1,000 gil, mil(m) = 1,000,000 gil