Start NPC:   Moogle - Mog House in your home city
  Reputation: 3 in your home city
  Items Needed:   Bronze Bed
  Power Bow
  Beetle Ring
  Title:   Mog's Kind Master
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   A new Mog Safe with a 60 item capacity.
  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   The Moogle's Picnic!

Eden Specific Info:

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Takes 4-5 real life days. Does not update on conquest tally.



the bed inside your Mog House two Vana'diel days before conquest update will flag the quest. (see Furniture Quests for more details)

  • Your moogle wishes to take a break and asks you if he can go home for a Moogle festival. Allow him to do so.
  • Your moogle wants to take a Power Bow and a Beetle Ring to his family for the holidays. He asks that you get them for him.
  • Trade him both.
  • After going away on his trip (you must wait until next conquest tally) -- oddly, he doesn't physically leave your Mog House as far as you can tell -- he will come back with a new Mog Safe that now holds 60 items!
  • Finally, you must speak directly to your Moogle. It will respond with, "Master! I'm back from my vacation, kupo! Here is your present--a shiny new Mog Safe, kupo! Now you can store as many as 60 items, Kupo!"
  • Please note when trying to flag this quest or any of the other following quest's anything placed in your mog house that gives you an item after each conquest tally, such as A White Jar Or a Beverage Barrel... Must be removed from display to reset your Furniture Quest after the bed is put in or enough fame is obtained or will prevent the flagging of this quest and or the following quests'"

Game Description

Client: Moogle - Mog House in your home city

Your moogle wants to take a power bow and a beetle ring to his family for the holidays. He sure would be happy if you found them for him.
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