Start NPC:   Moogle - Mog House in your home city
Available? Yes
  Reputation: 3 in your home city
  Items Needed:   Bronze Bed
  Power Bow
  Beetle Ring
  Title:   Mog's Kind Master
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   A new Mog Safe with a 60 item capacity.
  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   The Moogle's Picnic!


  • Place a Bronze Bed in your Mog House at least one full Vana'diel day before Conquest results are tallied, then wait for the weekly conquest tally results to be tallied.
  • In the player's Home Nation Mog House speak with Moogle, who wishes to go on a vacation.
  • Moogle will request a Power Bow and Beetle Ring to present to his family for the holidays.
    • Once obtained, trade Moogle the requested items.
    • Moogle will not accept HQ versions of the requested items.
    • Moogle does not need to be in your home nation Mog House for the trade to advance the quest.
  • Once the next Conquest results have been tallied, or after server maintenance, speak with Moogle in any Mog House to be rewarding with an expanded Mog Safe.

Note: When attempting to begin Furniture Quests of this nature, furniture which creates an item after each Conquest tally, such as White Jar and Beverage Barrel, will supersede priority, and must be removed from display until after the Bronze Bed is in place and the quest began. Bronze Beds placed before players have adequate fame will also prevent the quest from beginning.

Game Description

Client: Moogle - Mog House in your home city

Your moogle wants to take a power bow and a beetle ring to his family for the holidays. He sure would be happy if you found them for him.
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