Start NPC:   Powhatan - Port Bastok (E-6)
  Bastok Reputation 3
  Level 31+
  Items Needed:   Maul or Replica Maul
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Targe

  Previous Quest:   Welcome to Bastok
  Next Quest:   None


  • Talk to Powhatan.
  • Obtain and equip a Maul or Replica Maul.
  • Talk to Bartolomeo in the Arrivals section of the Air Travel Agency in Port Bastok with the weapon equipped; he won't have heard of the passenger you're supposed to be meeting.
  • Talk to Powhatan again, he suggests that you talk to the guards in the area.
  • Talk to Steel Bones, the guard near the exit to Bastok Markets, for a cut-scene with the passenger and to receive a key item Letter from Domien.
  • Return to Powhatan and talk to him to deliver the letter and complete the quest.
  • You will receive your reward of a Targe, and will still have the maul as well.
I talked to Powhatan again just to find out, and chose the second dialog option He gave me the text described for bart, I then went to the Steel Bones, got the cutscene and completed the quest

Game Description

Client: Powhatan (Steaming Sheep Restaurant, Port Bastok)

Greet Powhattan's guest at the air travel agency. Wear a maul on your hip so he'll know who you are.
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