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The Guildworkers' Union manages the trading of manufactured crafts and the exchange of Guild Points. In other words, once you are a member, you can synthesize certain requested items and trade them for guild points.


You must be a skill level 28 (or higher) and attain the rank of Novice before you can join a union.

1. Rules
2. Guild Points
2.1 Acculumating
2.2 Using
3. Representatives

You can only be a member of one (1) union at a time. If you are member of one union and wish to join a different union, you must terminate the existing contract. You will not lose any Guild Points you have accumulated (this is an Eden Custom Change from retail servers). Guild Points for the previous guild will become inactive but you will regain access to them when you change back.

Guild Points

Accumulating Guild Points

Everyday, by speaking to your Guildworker's Union Representative, you will be requested to provide a certain item. The item requested depends on your current skill rank. You will have a certain amount of time to provide as many of these items as you can synthesize. You can check the available amount of time by asking the Representative about your current limitations.

The requested item changes each Earth day at Midnight in Japan. Additionally, the amount of guild points you can accumulate each day is limited - anywhere between 1,000 and 8,000. For example, on a given day, you might be limited to accumulating 1,000 points. Assuming the item you've been requested to provide is worth 100 points, you would only want to trade 10 items. Trading items after you have reached the limit will result in no points gained.

When the time limit has expired, the item requested by the guild will change. It will also change in the event your craft rank rises.

The daily item is indeed not random, and people have figured out the patterns. There are two common sites for reference - one found at, and one at (been known to have some problems and taking some time to update as they depend on other sites for the daily "pattern." It turns out that they actually link back to for their recipe data).

Using Guild Points

Guild Points can be exchanged for specialty goods (High Quality Crystals, etc.) and various Key Items and equipment.

  • High Quality Crystals and Key Items are available at the Novice Rank when you first sign up.
  • Equipment costing 70,000 points becomes available when you have a skill level of 48 or higher and Journeyman Rank.
  • An Apron costing 100,000 points becomes available when you have a skill level of 68 or higher and Artisan Rank.
  • Furniture costing 150,000 points becomes available when you have a skill level of 88 or higher and Veteran Rank.

Union Representatives

Each Guild has a Guildworker's Union Representative - this is the NPC that you turn items in to and purchase Guild Point items from. You can also speak to them for various information about your Guildworker contract.

Name Location Guild
Alivatand Southern San d'Oria D-8 Leathercraft
Andreas Northern San d'Oria E-3 Woodworking
Ellard Bastok Markets H-8 Goldsmithing
Fennella Port Windurst C-8 Fishing
Hauh Colphioh Windurst Woods G-12 Clothcraft
Hemewmew Bastok Mines K-7 Alchemy
Lorena Bastok Metalworks F-7 Smithing
Macuillie Northern San d'Oria E-6 Smithing
Qhum Knaidjn Windurst Waters E-9 Cooking
Samigo-Pormigo Windurst Woods H-12 Bonecraft

Changing Guilds

You are free to change guild that you complete contracts for, as you please and penalty free. As long as you meet the requirements to undertake the contracts for the new guild, simply speak to their Guildworker representative to make the switch. Any points that you have accumulated with the previous guild will not be lost and will be held in stasis until a time that you decide to rejoin that guild.