Type: Quest Giver

Location: Bastok Mines (J-7) - Inside a house on the upper walkway, in the back room


A young Galka who is a resident of Bastok Mines. He is concerned about his friend, the Galkan elder Werei, who has apparently set off upon his Journey of Rebirth. He plays a major role in some of the more advanced Bastok Missions. He is also the catalyst for several Dark Knight related quests.

Involved in Missions

  • Bastok Mission 6-1: Return of the Talekeeper
  • Bastok Mission 7-1: The Final Image
  • Bastok Mission 7-2: On My Way
  • Bastok Mission 8-2: Enter the Talekeeper
  • Bastok Mission 9-1: The Salt of the Earth
  • Bastok Mission 9-2: Where Two Paths Converge
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