The Harvest Festival! (10/14/2005)

Master, Master!
Vana'diel has been on fire with goldfish scooping, dancing, and wild buffalos!
But all that's over now, kupo! No more trouble, and no more heat! But don't you
miss all the activity, actually? Aren't you itching for more excitement?

I have some information fresh from the M.H.M.U. (Mog House Management Union) that
just might scratch that itch, kupo! Harvest time in Bastok, San d'Oria, and Windurst
is now over, and a bone-chilling, fearsome festival is in the works! The towns will
use the festival as a means to express their enormous thanks to the adventurers for
the safety they bring, and provide a means of revenge for the ever-so-few trifling
troubles they cause.

That's right, kupo! It's the third incarnation of the Harvest Festival!

The other details given to me are vague because apparently, the festival planners
didn't want any information leaked to the adventurers, kupo! Luckily, the M.H.M.U. had
a few secret agents planted at their meetings! Apparently, there will be more than just
the typical monster costumes! A certain hazardous-looking decoration(*) devised by the
engineers of Bastok is scheduled to make an appearance. Oooh, scaaary... I'm shaking in
my fur, kupo!
The planners have also set up patrols during the preparation for the festival, so they
must be hiding more spine-tingling secrets!

Do you like playing tricks? Then I have good news for you, kupo!
It seems they are planning to give away special costumes. Adventurers will roam the
streets wearing the costumes and approach wary passers-by with calls of "Trick or Treat?"

What will the moogles be doing, you ask?
Eating candy and playing tricks, of course, kupo!

When questioned, Raibaht shouted, "What do you mean, 'It looks dangerous!?' Cid's
inventions tend to have a unique look to them, but this was made from the same technology
that allows airships to fly at great heights. It's perfectly safe!" I think I made him
angry, kupo...

Event Details

  • This event is scheduled to commence at Oct. 20, 2005 17:00 (PDT) and will last until Nov. 1, 2005 0:00 (PST).

Event Locations:

How to Play

  • Trade a treat to a disguised NPC walking in Bastok, San d'Oria, or Windurst.
  • The NPC will only accept certain treats.
  • Players might be disguised as beastmen or monsters for a certain period of time after trading a treat to an NPC. Magic or items cannot be used while disguised. Costumed players also cannot perform actions that require a target, such as talking to NPCs or opening doors.
  • The effects of the monster costume may be canceled by changing to a new area or:
  1. Windows version: Press the [+] key on the numeric keypad twice. PlayStation 2 version: Press the triangle button twice.
  2. Line up the selection box with the status icon entitled "Costume."
  3. Windows version: Press the [Enter] key. PlayStation 2 version: Press the X button.
Trick or Treat?

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