Job Ability

  • Grants a bonus to attack speed, accuracy, and Strength when using two-handed weapons, but increases recast and casting times.
  • Obtained: Samurai Level 25
  • Recast Time: 1:00
  • Duration: 5:00


  • The effects of Hasso and Seigan do not overlap. If both abilities are used, only the most recently activated ability will take effect.
  • Hasso will only take effect when the player is equipped with a two-handed weapon (Hand-to-hand weapons do not count as two-handed weapons in this case).
  • A penalty will be imposed on magic, song, and ninjutsu casting while Hasso is in effect. This penalty is a 50% increase in casting time and recast time.
  • A level 75 samurai will gain a boost of +10 STR, +10 Accuracy, and +10% haste for melee attacks. The STR boost is based on the level of the Samurai (At Lv.25, the boost is +3 STR, but at Lv.75, the boost is +10 STR.) When SAM is set as a subjob, the STR value is as would be for a SAM of that level; i.e., for a MAIN75/SAM37, Hasso will boost STR by 5, as SAM receives a +5 at 37. Other boosts remain constant.
Level STR bonus
25 +3
28 +4
35 +5
42 +6
49 +7
56 +8
63 +9
70 +10
  • Hasso's +10% melee haste effect will not reduce the amount of TP gained per hit.
  • Hasso's +10% melee haste effect is considered Job Ability haste.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Hasso" <me>
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