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Type: Clothcraft Guildworker's Union NPC

Location: Windurst Woods (G-12)


Hauh Colphioh is in charge of the Guildworker's Union for clothcrafting in Windurst. Once you have attained at least level 28 Cloftcraft you may speak with her, and begin accumulating Guild Points for items you turn in. The item requested changes daily, so its important to check back with her to keep track of current time limits, and to find out what new items the guild is accepting.


  These are bought using Clothcraft Guild Points. Items available at:

  Novice Rank (28 +)   Novice Rank (28 +)   Journeyman Rank (48 +)
  Craftsman Rank (58 +)
  • Tailor's Ring 80,000
  Artisan Rank (68 +)
  Veteran Rank (88 +)
  • Weavers' Emblem 15,000
  • Spinning Wheel 50,000
  • Gilt Tapestry 150,000
  • Weaver's Signboard 200,000